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30 People Living With More Than 3 Pets Reveal What It’s Like, And It’s Hilarious

Living with a pet is fun and they can help you reduce the anxiety, increase mood and health, improve your socializing ability, learn a lot of compassionate lessons in life, and they will be your permanent furry companion no matter what happens. But, have you ever thought about adding more pets in your little family? I mean, the more the merrier! Imagine one day you are having 10 pets, that does mean you are having tenfold happiness!

The 30 luckiest cases below are chosen by our kings and queens and some other friendly chirpy fellows. Remember, we don’t adopt them, they adopt us, and we don’t deserve these precious pets at any point. Our guardian angels are the most livable joy that you can see and feel, and they can be in any form: a cat, a dog, a bird, or even a pig!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Meet Bob, The Friendly Golden Retriever, Lives With 8 Birds And A Hamster

#2 I Was Worried That My Dogs Wouldn’t Like The New Cat. I Was Wrong

#5 Girlfriend And I Have 5 Cats And 2 Dogs That All Love To Sleep With Us At Night… Solution? We Made An 11ft King + Full Mega Bed!

#7 This Was Their Faces After I Walked In The Room And Yelled, “Ok, Who Did It?”

#8 My Husband Managed To Capture These Sweet (And Rare) Photos Of All Three Of Our Pets Together. I Was Alone When I Fell Asleep, But I Guess They Wanted To Join In On The Fun

#11 Steve Is Living With Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini The Pig, Stuart The Rabbit, And Other Animals

#14 This Is What Happens When You Sleep Through Breakfast Time

#15 My Aunt And Uncle Have 20 + Husky Dogs And Have This Problem Every Single Night

#17 My Mom Just Had Double Knee Surgery. Her Pets Have Made It Their Responsibility To Comfort Her

#19 It Is Very Possible That My SO Is In The Bathroom And The Pets Have Not Been Fed Yet

#21 My Five Dogs May Be Very Different, But They Are A True Pack

#25 My Mom Has Brain Cancer. Somehow, I Think Our Pets Know When She’s Having A Bad Day

#26 Yes I Built A Raft Out Of Pool Noodles For My Dogs. Stop Laughing At Me Like My Wife Did. When I Go For A Swim, They Jump Up And Down At The Side Of The Pool To Get On The Raft

#27 Adopting A Dog Soon So We Have Neighbor Bring His Dog Over So Our Cats Get Used To Them. Tonight This Happened

#29 They Have Had Breakfast And It’s A Little Cooler Here Now So The Front Window Is The Spot! Soaking Up The Rays

#30 My Girlfriend Trained Her Pets To Never Enter The Bedroom. This Is Them Every Morning


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