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30 People On Twitter Share Pics Of Weirdo Cats Who Comfortably Sit In The Weirdest Positions

Regardless of being judged to be the most aloof creature in the world with an unacceptable cattitude, they love humans (Except knocking all your objects off if they don’t get fed or constantly hissing when you want to cuddle them!). And when you are in love with someone, you attempt to be their mini version. Cats can prove it literally and metaphorically. Some of them love mimicking what their humans do, from stretching out the body and laying on the couch for taking naps to saying “I love you” as clear as possible. A minority of felines are more reckless and intelligent enough to replicate a human’s sitting position, especially when you are in the bad mood. Their little paws are spreading out a bit, lean the backs, tails point forward for less weird, and show their lovable tummies. It’s pretty much like when you have had a bad day and you are just sitting at the door, thinking deeply about the ambiguous future.

Cats are really talented, not only because they can sit their bum bums and judge people all day but they can also stand like a penguin. These genuinely hilarious moments can only be found in felines. On Twitter, people keep posting and sharing their bizarre kitties with each other, turns out a threat of cats sitting in human-like positions is pretty hot. Check out these 30 outstanding examples below before you are hooked on the world of weird cats!

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My idiot cat does this so often that my fiance had a necklace made for me of his signature pose

#16 My cat was literally sitting like this as I came across this thread lmao


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