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30+ Pet Brothers From Other Mothers

Mark Taylor, a photographer at Warren Photographic, a UK-based library of real animal images, made an absolutely remarkable project of taking matching fur friends with each other to mesmerize people on the Internet by their overloaded cuteness. This isn’t the only pet photo taken by Taylor, but it’s quickly gaining the most attention.

Apparently, it was his mum who popped up with the idea. “She was a pet photographer, and the idea of putting matching animals together was hers. It started when she noticed a friend’s rabbit and kitten, Tiffany and Turbo, were an exact match.” – he shared where the inspiration came from.

Taylor started out as a landscape photographer 25 years ago, but later switched to pet photography. He has been a sibling series of other mothers’ pets for over 19 years. He says he has recently focused on animal behavior for pet food packaging with less mating of animals.

Currently, he says a breeder keeps an eye out for matching animals for him to photograph. His assistant, Britta, is also crucial to getting the shots. ”Animals are more difficult to work with than people because you can’t tell them what to do… I have an assistant who helps me to train the animals and keep them from walking off set. She is incredibly good with animals.”

More info: Warren Photographic | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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