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30+ Pets Lovingly Staring Into Their Owners’ Souls That Are Warming Everyone’s Hearts

We all know that our pets love us and they do not hesitate to show the affection in some types of way. Our four-legged furry friends use the power of the paws to embrace us and wash away our sadness. When we are depressed, they encourage us to get back on our feet by their purrs or the lovable awoos. And the look they give us can completely melt our hearts – sometimes they seem to be looking straight into our souls. Do you still remember the first time we adopted them and they gave us that loving stare?

Get ready to wipe off your tears of happiness and laugh a lot as we have compiled for you some of those aww-dorable photos and the most wholesome photos of pets praising their human mom and dad. You can literally measure how much love they have inside when we look at their smiley eyes. Don’t forget to share this list with anyone in need of encouragement and upvote for your favorite photo!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My Husband Couldn’t Have Pets Growing Up. When We Bought Our First House I Got Him A Little Surprise

#3 My Brother Took Our Cat To Prom. Just Take A Look At How The Cat Stares At Him

#6 My Sister And Brother-In-Law Just Rescued A Kitten. Look At How Happy He Is! Enough Love To Make A Kitten Smile

#7 We Brought Charlie Home A Month Ago Now And I Can’t Get Over That Look Of Pure Love In His Eyes

#8 Just Adopted This Dude. His Name Is Tucker And He Is Good Boye

#9 Sometimes I Catch Her Just Staring And Smiling At Me. She’s My Precious Love

#12 My Cat Never Leaves My Side. Someone Gave Me A Hoodie With A “Cat Pouch” As A Gag Gift. She Rides Around In It Staring At My Face

#13 I Tried To Take A Funny Picture Of Her Chicken Wing Loaf But She Looked At Me And I Got The Sweetest Photo

#17 An Old Lady And Her Cat. Just Can’t Stop Looking At The Cat’s Expression

#19 Get Yourself Someone That Looks At You The Way My Cat Looks At My Husband

#20 Just Rescued My Baby Girl From Being Put Down A Month Ago. Most Loving Dog I’ve Ever Known

#24 I Had A Fairly Rough Day At Work Today. When I Finished, This Sweet Girl Wouldn’t Leave My Side. As Soon As I Laid Down, She Jumped Up And Hugged Me

#28 Meet Harper. She Likes To Lay On My Chest And Just Stare At Me Like This

#30 Our Wedding Was Canceled, We Are Worried About Our Family Members’ Health. But At Least We Have Our First Family Member


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