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30+ Pets That Need To Go Inside RIGHT NOW

Though pets who live outside or in the yard have more freedom than their indoor counterparts, there is one major disadvantage: they must beg to be brought inside unless a pet door is available. We’re sure the majority of these gentlemen were let in right away, but not before their owners snapped a photo of their hilarious expressions!

Please show us if your pet has a sweet or funny way of asking to be let inside by uploading a photo at the bottom of our list! Vote for your own favorites as well!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#2 Let me in please, I’m not the mighty hunter I thought I was

#6 He insisted he wanted out. He regrets that decision. I fear for my life.

#10 There is this big thing out here. It’s weird. Let me in!

#15 Look Meredith, we both said things we didn’t mean, can you just let me in so we can talk about this?

#20 Please let me in! There’s liquid torture falling from the sky!

#24 Put my inside cat outside and walked out to this 5 minutes later

#29 My neighbor’s cat hates rain. When they’re gone, he comes over to my place, begging me to let him in


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