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30 Photos Proving That Cats Are The Cutest Things On Earth

It is a piece of cake when a cat wants us to fall in love with them immediately. From being illegally ‘smol’ to having the incredibly hypnotizing 2-coloured eyes (called heterochromia), to having an additional toe just like human, to having the loudest purr that we’re desirable to hear every night, to being the extraordinary themselves! Cats are just simply adorable and the greatest positive dose that can utterly melt our hearts from the first sight. Can we say more about this one of a kind natural gift?

If being cute is a crime, they would be the best serial killers ever!

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#2 “Sun tanning with my furriend.”

#4 “Took a break from homework and came back to my desk and found this.”

#5 Just a kitten wearing a cardigan, nothing more

#10 “Will you pick me up… pretty please!”

#11 “Look at my pink jellybean toes!”

#16 Hands up! You’re under arrest for being so stinkin’ cute!

#18 This is Dumpling, he is unsure of….everything

#26 “I did not order this box of cats.”

#27 “Every night, she’ll meows at us until we hold her like this.”

#29 When my gf gets mad at me versus when she explains why she got mad


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