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30 Photos Proving That Life With A Cat Is Always Full Of Surprises

If you are a devoted cat lover, you are already all set with their goofy plans and you will have no idea what they are gonna bring to you. Life is always better with cats because everyday when you wake up, you will be awarded a various surprises that they have made. Don’t hesitate to share your life with a cat who enjoys your speechless or breathless reactions after receiving the fluffball’s surpassing those gifts. Keep in mind that because they love you and they are not shamed to show you their flaws and that is the most beautiful thing in the world when you don’t have to pretend or hide something with a particular person.

30 living proofs of living with a cat is always filled with surprises, they say no with boredom and this is the time for you to think about adding cats in your house for double, triple, and maybe 12 time-revelations like this Japanese woman.

(h/t: brightside)

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#1 “I’ve been looking for him for 2 hours.”

#3 He’s been hiding what he did for two hours

#5 The 3 stages of grief: astonishment, disappointment, and acceptance

#6 This cat is known in the neighborhood as the underwear thief

#7 When your cats’ personal life is more eventful than yours

#11 “This doesn’t concern you, Karen. Please close the door.”

#12 “Caught my cat eating flowers.”

#15 She saw the kids playing on it and now she meows until you rock her

#18 “My kitten likes to ’hide’ in this jar, and her brother always gets confused”

#20 Apparently, this cat was trying to communicate with aliens, but got interrupted

#23 “My 2 cats sleeping in their tunnel look like one extra-long kitty”

#25 “He’s the only one who came when I said dinner was ready”

#29 “Today I caught my cat reading”

#30 This is the world’s most interesting lamp, according to 5 cats


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