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30+ Photos That Prove Why You Should Have A Cat

Adoring a cat and owning a cat have completely major differences and these two things should be put on the scale to see if you really want to have a special companion in your life. When you come across a cat roaming severely on the street and you want to adopt them, think about further conditions to see if you can afford their needs as well as affection for the rest of your life. Diseases, litter box, cat food, toys, scratch posts, and huge quality time are what you are gonna deal with. For beginners, it’s better to do some certain research and take lots of advice from people who have long-term experience with raising kitties.

Having a cat has ups and downs for sure, it’s not as dreamy as you thought. You will be more responsible for their behaviors, anxiety, and longevity. Those drawbacks don’t matter at all if you put love into your cat. So what will a cat bring value to us? Reducing a massive depression, teaching you about how to give and take, being a good parent who can settle down everything that your ‘kid’ has done, and last but not least, having the most loyal friend for life. No matter how naughty they are, trust me, once you love them, you would never trade them for the world!

A Twitter account ‘Why you should have a cat’ is here with us to feast our eyes with a lot of the most adorable moments of kitties, indicates that cats deserve to have your love and we do deserve to adopt a cat. Scroll down and see if it’s convincing enough to have a cat, show this article to some felinophobia foes, they may change their mind!

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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