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30+ Pics Of A Cat That Has More Facial Expressions Than Most Humans

It’s no secret that cats are extremely popular on the internet. Mischievous cats, cats in hats, dancing cats, and cats who don’t have to do anything because they’re just too cute are all included.

Yamaneco, a Siberian cat who lives in Japan with his owners, is another cat worth your time. This fluffy critter has some of the most amusing, strange, and relatable facial expressions you’ll ever see in a cat. Yamaneco has shared 34 expressions on Instagram, which you can see in the photographs below.

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More info: Twitter | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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Yamaneco's facial expressions have gotten a lot of attention online, which isn't surprising. The multiple faces of this cat are exactly the type of content that can easily be turned into memes or just shared with others to determine "which face of Yamaneco you are today." A recent tweet depicting a couple of the cat's emotions, for example, received over 100K likes and over 20K retweets. On Instagram, people are constantly tagging one other in Yamaneco's postings, connecting over how lovely this fuzzy creature is.


Yamaneco was born in the year 2020, near the end of July. Siberian cats like him are noted for their long, waterproof coats as well as their robust physique; nonetheless, the breed's description appears to be lacking in outstanding facial expressions. These cats are known for having kittenish characteristics, being affectionate, social, and loyal to their owners.


Cats used to spend the majority of their time alone, dating back to their ancestors' time. They didn't need to develop evident facial expressions or learn to read them because no one was around, which makes Yamaneco incredibly unique. However, some argue that it isn't the cats' expressions that are the problem, but rather people's lack of familiarity with them.


Learning to read your cat's facial expressions can be a fascinating experience. When they approach you and slowly blink their eyes, for example, it shows they regard you as a trustworthy buddy. If their ears are drawn back and flat against their skull, on the other hand, it's generally better to give them some space because this is a sign that they're upset.


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