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30+ Pics Of Baby Spiderman And Cats In The Funniest Scenarios

We all had our favorite superheroes when we were kids, and they usually had some great supernatural or superhuman abilities that we all wished we had. Fighting evil, confronting twisted villains, and safeguarding innocent people was their daily responsibility, and we hoped that one day when we grew up, we would be able to rescue the day as well.

Even though most of us forgot about our childhood fantasies as we grew up, one artist chose to bring one of our favorite superheroes back to life and let him save the world once more, but this time, he made it more purrfect by accompanying hero figures with everyone’s favorite animal – cats.

Scroll down and check out his fantastic work, as well as looking into his inspirations for these photographs. Make sure to vote for your favorite pics!

More info: Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 “You’re looking at other cats, aren’t you?!”

Neung is a Thai artist who designed the incredible "Spidey journey" Facebook page. You might wonder why it's so incredible. Well, it chronicles the daily adventures of one of our favorite superheroes - Spiderman - and various adorable kittens. The photos of these cute adventures show the daily life of the Spiderman figure and his cute pals which definitely brings a smile to our faces!

#2 “Our disguises don’t seem to be working”

His work has received tremendous support on social media channels, with over 312k subscribers on Facebook and 15.7k followers on Instagram. They all love the amazing duo Kitty - Spidey!

#3 Bullseye!

“I like to collect all things Spider-Man, especially action figures,” Neung said. The inspiration behind his Spider-Man VS. Kitty photos originated from his love for the superhero Spiderman. "I adore animals as well.I think both are cute, so combining them was a no-brainer in my head. They make for an amazing combo”

#5 “Chase that mouse!”

Neung is an avid Spiderman fan, a cat lover, and a photographer with incredible talents. He has a large collection of Spiderman dolls that he began collecting in 2002, demonstrating his sincere love for the superhero. He said: "I love Spiderman because he is a unique hero. His virtue is a good example. The first movie that made me fall in love with the hero was Spiderman 2002, played by Tobey Maguire. After watching this movie, I loved it and started collecting everything that was his. I'm a lover of cats and dogs too, so I put these two things together and I convey them here on this page"

#6 “Day 7, they still think I’m one of them. My plan works out better than expected. Soon, sooooon…”

The idea for these photographs began with the first Spider-Man movie back in 2002: “I was impressed with the move. I absolutely adore Tobey Maguire, I think he’s a cool, nice, and selfless person and a good actor, certainly the best Spider-Man.”

#7 “You see the camera too right?”

When asked about when his passion for photography bloomed, the photographer said: “It’s the labor of love for me. I always wanted to covey cute things, like Spider-Man and the various animals I took pictures of. I believe that my photography can make people happy because that is what happiness is to me whenever I look at a picture and smile.”

#8 “Spit those minty cones of fire, my mighty beast!”

This series shows Spiderman and his feline companions in sweet and humorous light. From taking amusing pictures together and flaunting their beautiful matching outfits, to Spiderman soothing his buddies in times of distress, cuddling each other while napping, or preparing to confront evil, Neung has a knack for making us laugh. So, without further ado, let's continue to enjoy Neung's beautìul work of the duo's enchanting adventures!

#9 “Onward, noble steed!”

Before continuing the journey, there's a clarification that needed to be made, of whether this is the artist’s cat, and which one. And he delivered: “The Tabby is my cat. It’s the only one I own. The cats and dogs in other pictures belong to my friends. They were happy to loan them for a photoshoot.”

#11 “Don’t worry bro, next time you’ll catch the mouse, okay?”

#12 “Yo Spidey, selfie!” – “Peace out, world, what’s up?”

#14 “Was on a stroll with my white stallion when we were ambushed by a giant camera”

#21 Mission: Take out the scratching post guards and take the catnip mousev

#28 “Now listen closely. We disguise with these hats, then we sneak in. Your part will be… *whisper whisper whisper*”

#29 “Don’t care about us, we are just over here surfin'”


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