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30+ Pics Of Cats Chilling In Places They Shouldn’t Be (Part 1)

We know that throughout centuries of evolution, cats have been domesticated and are recognized as the only domestic species in the feline family. However, some of their natural instincts have not worn out, such as their curiosity and desire to explore and discover the surroundings. They can either stay in the same place all day or pop out of a random place you’d never expect them to be at.

There’s a Twitter account dedicated just to that: cats in random places. People are surprised, but highly amused by their diverse photos: there are cats of all sizes and shapes stuffing themselves in different spaces, holes, boxes, vases, or even weirder places below. The profile has become a platform for people to post their best pictures of their cat, and also bring laughter to other users The profile now has over 198.8K followers and the number is increasing daily! Cat lovers around the world are joining to share their love for their favorite animal.

Scroll down and vote for the most random place cats can be, don’t forget to post about your own furry friends too!

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More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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