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30+ Pics Of Cats Chilling In Places They Shouldn’t Be (Part 2)

Cats look cute and lovely because of their eyes, color, and shape. People usually adore their appearance and sometimes cats can be naughty as well. Besides, their character and reactions to the situation may surprise people because how cats look chill and don’t really care around. Being a cat lover or even strangers walking on the street often see this happened. Although the background is quite dangerous or there is some unsafe place that normally animals aren’t supposed to be, cats are there for some reason and they look chill and relaxed. To be honest, people are aware of bad situations or things can hurt them, but cats are the opposite. Sometimes if we were cats, it would be good for our mental health.

The smart phones are one of the most popular technologies that people use in their daily life. Camera is a favorite tool of human to take cute photos and nice videos. Moreover, sharing our beautiful memories on social media and saving those as a storage are our basic habits nowadays. The internet is one of those platforms that caters to almost anybody and in any way, and now, cat lovers and their blasé nature can rejoice. We’ve compiled a gallery of photographs depicting areas where cats shouldn’t be, but are because they can.

The Twitter thread “place where cat shouldn’t be” has a whopping 644.8K followers who can’t get enough of posting the most hilarious places cats manage to rest, slumber, or simply hang out and watch the world go by. You can vote for your favorite ones and let us know what you think while you’re laughing because joy from cats are always funny and relaxing that we need some entertainment in our life.

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More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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The general tendency appears to be cats needing to slumber in the most inconvenient places. Cats are sleeping in vases, on top of newly developed fragile plants, and occupying pretty uncomfortable-looking areas that are often far too small for their size. And it's clear that the need to put themselves in the most unusual situations was unavoidable and had to be fulfilled.


Since November 2020, the Twitter account @catshouldnt has been making everyone laugh by collecting and posting amusing photographs of these intriguing purring creatures, racking up thousands of likes for their tweets. And it's possible that the creators of @catshouldnt are confident that they'll never run out of content to share as long as cats (and Twitter) exist.


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