30+ Pics Of Pets Not Rocking The Cone Of Shame At All

The cone of shame, known as pets’ enemies, has a various alternatives for the cone of shame: the original one is Elizabethan collar, then the E collar, the Buster collar, a pet cone, the pet lamp, or the pet radar dish. Although the cone of shame may seem extreme and hilarious, it plays a very serious role in veterinary medicine: to prevent pets from licking, chewing, rubbing or damaging sensitive areas. It can be applied for surgery to prevent pets from reaching the surgical site. It can be applied to pets with allergies or hot spots to prevent scratching the area or causing further damage.

We’re doing the best for them to have a better and happier life but these critters are really fed up with the weird thing around their necks. Here you go 30+ smart and hilarious photos that a pet can do with the cone of shame!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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