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30+ Pics Of The World’s Grumpiest Cats Ever

Being cute or purring is just too trivial for a cat because everybody knows it already but how about being cosmically angry on their hideous purr-pose or just simply that how their face is?

Aggression is a common cat behavioral problem, defined as intimidating or dominating intention. Unfortunately, aggressive cats risk being led to shelter or abandoned outside by frustrated owners. When a cat suddenly points her anger at those who love her, it can certainly be confusing. However, there is always a reason the challenge is to understand what upsets the cat. Read on to learn why a normally docile cat is suddenly aggressive and what you can do to help a grumpy cat.

Here are some predictions that an owner might think of when their furball is getting into a fireball: new pets in the home, too many pets in the home, sudden movements, sneaking up on them, loud noises, harsh treatment or unfair punishment, being put in a cat carrier, riding in a vehicle, lack of resources (food, water, toys, scratching post), a change in routine or no routine at all.

In regardless of those reasons, they have been and are always adorable in their own way, aren’t they? The world’s grumpiest cats collection is just made for you!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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