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30+ Pics Proving That Cats Are Actually Demons

While you may think that your lovely cat enjoys his or her days lounging in the sun while you’re away, the odd dead mouse or a bird feather hooked in its teeth could be a fair indication of the Satan-worshiping rites your furry pet conducts in when left alone: summoning evil spirits, conversing with Satan, and selling their souls to the dark lord may appear to be a sacrilegious pastime, these demonic cats don’t bat an eye when requested to interact with the underworld. We’re not clear why they have such a particular relationship with Beelzebub, but their secrets have been revealed here.

After watching all the pics below, you might be unsure whether cats are really naive and bubbly, but rather Devil’s best friends. Look at these menacing kitties at your own risk, make sure to upvote for the most intimidating fellas and share your own diabolical friends down below!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#19 “I remember where I was… the day the portal opened… and they entered our world…”

#27 “This hooman is my hostage! Get me all the catnip in 5 minutes or the unthinkable will happen to her!”


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