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30+ Pics That Are Proof Two Cats Are Better Than One

Since cats are misunderstood as the solitary creatures, they actually appear to the world more than that. You know, the more the merrier, and cats love to have another yang to their yin! 50 living proofs below are the most vivid persuasions for you to bring another kitty home and make sure you and your cat hit the upvote button for your favs as you scroll down.

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#1 Today, I Adopted Two 8 Week Old Kittens Who Are Brothers. I Originally Applied For One But When I Got The Call About Being Accepted To Adopt, I Was Asked If I Wanted To Adopt The Brothers Together Because The People Adopting His Brother Backed Out. Meet Ki

According to experts, having another kitty to play with helps them tend to be socially well-controlled, has fewer behavioral issues, has an ability of managing the aggression, and not shy. In other words, socialization takes the best things out of your cat.

We should let your cats be sociable when they are at the younger age since the older they get but without having social communication, the more triggers they would get when having another pet member in the family appears. Cats’ communicative tool is the scent, if you have two cats when they were kittens which are really good and beneficial for them to be bonded with.

#2 The Vet Is So Scary!!

Giving them a chance to open up their social circle because it is the potential for them to be much more active if you have a pet to play with other pets. We all know that active cats are recognized to be healthier, happier and slender. Not mentioning about the natural genetic chonky kitty, some cats have a poor social life just by reflecting they way they express and their bodies.

#3 Two Cats, One Heart

When we are extremely busy and have a tiny spare time to cuddle cat, having another cat to be their playmates could be a great idea. Because of getting bored and having no one to hang around with, your Bonnie might need her Clyde, so you’ll see your cats will be less destructive.

#4 The Committee Against Vacuum Cleaners

Fundamentally Feline stated that having two cats means that if you're going on a short trip or working long hours in the company office, you don't have to worry too much about your pet if they are being lonely, and having a playmate keeps them young and vibrant in their senior period.

Basically, it is very good for hooman to raise two cats. By doing so, cats can actually enjoy each other's company and have a social relationship. Feline behaviorist Ingrid Johnson wrote:

“They naturally live in small groups called colonies. Cats are solitary hunters, but not a solitary species.”

#13 After Trying To Kill Each Other For The Past Half Hour They’ve Decided It’s Now Cuddle Time

#14 I Posted In A Thread About Silly Cats In My Apartment’s Community Board That My Cat Won’t Stop Looking Into My Neighbor’s Apartment. She Replied With The Most Adorable Photo I’ve Ever Seen

#16 2 Months Ago A Neighbor Asked Me To Investigate Why Scratching Sounds Were Coming From Behind Her Fireplace Firewall. I Cut An Inspection Panel Into The Drywall And To My Surprise I Found These Two, Abandoned, Dirty, Dehydrated And Hungry. Picture Taken At

#21 I Introduced My Fur Babies To My Newborn. Going To Be An Interesting Next Few Years

#25 My Snowball And My Void. Finally Got Them Looking At The Camera Together

#26 My Parents Didn’t Want A Cat, This Stray And Her Baby Decided Otherwise. Obviously My Parents Now Have 2 Cats

#27 My Dog Is Afraid Of The Cats. They Have Learned That She Won’t Walk Near Them, And Enjoy Trapping Her. Earlier Today She Tried To Walk Up The Stairs…


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