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30+ Proud Cat Mommies With Their Kittens

Cats can be cold and unbothered to us, but they are definitely overflowing with care and pride when they give birth to their adorable babies. These photos here will show out their content face of bearing the vocation of motherhood.

Check all the photos out and give all the mommy cats the love they deserve by upvoting for these photos and don’t forget to share your mommy cat’s proud moments on the comment section!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 She adopted these furballs, and even had milk for them after 24 hours too!

#7 Mikey lost her 3 kittens, so her owner decided to find her 3 abandoned kittens from a shelter

#13 My friend’s cat recently had kittens, and the mother stopped taking care of them.We found the father like this today.

#19 Took in a stray cat, two months later she had babies. From zero to eight kitties real quick

#21 My cat recently had all girl kittens, they seem to be more alike than I thought

#25 I’ve been joking that I will wake up and find my cat had her babies in bed with me. I’m sure you can guess where she had her kittens

#27 My friend has two litters of cats and both of the moms take care of all the kittens, regardless of who the real mom is

#28 There will always be a kid that looks away from the camera

#29 Being a mom of five is exhausting, but my girl always looks proud


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