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30+ Relatable And Funny Comics About Everyday Life With Four Cats And A Fiancé By This UK Artist

What do significant others and cats have in common? Sarah Graley could respond that they provide her with limitless fodder for her comics. There are likely to be even more parallels… In any event, they’re relatable from both sides, to individuals who enjoy the small pleasures of genuine relationships as well as those who simply enjoy cats.

Sarah and Stef have been together for about ten years and are currently engaged. What else could you possibly require? Perhaps cats? Pesto and Toby, sisters who arrived in a litter in 2013, and Pixel and Wilson, Pesto’s small puppies from a litter of four cats, two of whom were taken by Sarah’s relatives.

Please scroll down and check out these hilarious comics. We are sure you will find some familiar moments that you got in your life. Don’t forget to vote your favorite one and share with us your stories.

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We had an exclusive conversation with the artist about the past, present, and future. In her own words, here's a little about her background: "I've always loved painting and telling tales, and comics are the ideal combination of the two!" I went to university in the United Kingdom to study illustration, but my program was not particularly impressive. It did, however, allow me to work on comics in addition to my academics, and Our Super Adventure was one of the results of that period! Soon after, I created a fictional comic called Pizza Witch and published it online, which led to an editor from Oni Press contacting me and asking if I'd want to try my hand at creating a Rick and Morty comic!"


Sarah has also updated us on how the lockdown/pandemic has affected them and how they are doing. "It's been a strange year! We consider ourselves fortunate to have each other because we haven't left the house in a long time! We miss visiting our families—on both sides, there are nephews and nieces we haven't seen in years! We also miss comic conventions a lot; we usually go to approximately 10 a year and love meeting other comic book aficionados! We'll be glad to see them return once everyone has been vaccinated and things have become safer. During lockdown, we did start streaming a lot, and it's been a great way to communicate with people who enjoy our cartoons and want to see us play video games or draw funny things."


Sarah and Stef have been very busy in recent months, and she has been nice enough to tell us what they've been up to. " For IDW, we've been working on a Spider-Man comic series! Marvel Action Spider-Man is the title, and the first issue will hit comic shops at the end of March! The narrative was written by Stef and me, and it was illustrated by Phil Murphy, an excellent artist! We're still producing weekly Our Super Adventure comics, as well as writing, illustrating, and lettering hidden projects! "I'm excited to see what this amazing duo has come up with."


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