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30+ Soldiers And Cats Who Became Best Friends Overseas

Thanks to the god gifted cuteness, cats are always welcomed in every corner of the world, even if it’s in a military area where soldiers have to focus on fighting and protecting their region. You might think they rarely show emotions since the duty is to have a cold head, always in a defensive mood. But kitties are the superior creatures who can break through the wall and decide to steal out heart! These 30+ touching photos below show that soldier not only work for the country but also work on their own emotions as well!

Sometimes we just have to be vulnerable to see who would be there for us. In this case, cats are the best choice ever!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#18 A Kitten Is Nestled In The Trouser Pocket Of A U.S. Soldier

#24 A British Soldier “Shakes Hands” With A Kitten On A Snowy Bank

#26 A Ukrainian Soldier Holds A Cat As He Receives Warm Clothes


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