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30+ Spoiled Cats That Probably Live Better Than You (Part 1)

“I work hard so my cat can have a better life” printed apparels have been sold out in a minute once it was published which has proved the power of our overlords. Besides, we can clearly learn that more and more cat lovers have been in the devotion of spoiling their cats in the most unique ways they can think of, plus it has to be fit with the cat’s demand!

If you know you know, here are the most 30+ spoiled kings and queens who are enjoying their fancy lives. Warning: felines have 9 lives, you should probably set aside the money for the next 8 lives!

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#2 Made Her A Bridge To The Window She Always Stared At But Could Never Reach

#5 Everyday Momo Cries Until My Boyfriend Puts Him In His “Hammock” For Nap Time

#7 If They Don’t Go Out At Sunset To Watch The Birdies Roost Everyday I Never Hear The End Of It

#8 My Cat Loves Sitting In Pants So While I Don’t Have Anything To Do I Wear An Extra Pair Of Pants To Let Him Sit With Me

#10 The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder

#11 My Cat Sits In Her “Boat” In The Hot Tub Every Single Day And Refuses To Get Out Even After An Hour. Her Name Is Trixie

#13 He Loves Getting Raked By The Back Scratcher. He Is My Zen Garden

#14 My Dad (79) Went From “I Don’t Want That Dang Cat” To Carrying Her To “Her Room” For Bed Each Night

#18 I Have The World’s Clingiest Cat. He Loves To Be Picked Up, Kissed, Held And He Loves Taking Naps On My Lap. This Is What Happens When I’m Trying To Work

#19 Hobbes Is A Scarily Accurate Alarm Clock. Here He Is Demanding Food

#21 We’ve Had Him Less Than A Week And He Demands To Sleep In Our Arms

#22 She Likes To Watch The Bin Men, But Can’t See Out By Herself

#24 We Have Had Our Indoor Cat For 6 Years, But He Has Never Had Much Windows/Views To Enjoy. We Moved Recently, And He Is Very Satisfied With His New Views

#27 Husband Said He Was Going To Make A Bed Frame. I Thought It Was For Our New Mattress. It Was For The Cat

#29 My Cat Likes To Have A “Cocktail” Whenever I Have A Drink (She Meows Until She Gets It) And She’ll Only Drink Out Of This Festive Glass


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