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30+ ‘Supermodel Cats’ Who Certainly Know How To Strike A Pose

Your kitty can absolutely be a supermeowdel!

This is no bull, just only the most flawless kitties around the world who are trying to mesmerizing people even the hardest one. In order not to waste their beauties, a community on reddit called ‘Supermodel Cats’ is born. You can see the stunning cats every single moment as cat fanciers are likely to fill up the luxurious collection of these felines.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Smoothie

Every photo has a different spot on beauty: a cat's silky fur, or the straight up tail has full of royalty, it can be a sight for sore eyes, or a rescue kitty who has 100% certificated for being confident, etc. The way of taking these photos are summed up in 2 types of electronic devices: a quick snap on the phone or they can even hold a photoshoot for cat photography. They are obliviously spoiled!

#2 Majestic

Here are some tips that can help you have an incredibly sleek photo that your cat will be proud of you no matter what you are using to take the most picturesque one:

Angles matter. Different angles have different effects that you can easily practice day by day. You have to know your cat's purrfect particular angle so you won't have to disappoint yourself. You don't want to be lame with just a straight angle which is quite safe to have a beautiful cat photo. You would definitely delete these photos right away if you put the camera way too low, your cat will turn a cutie loaf into a chonky chorkie.

#3 Reinhardt And His Floofy Tail. He Is A Siberian Forest Cat

Lighting is the second essential point that you need to notice. The brighter lighting you have, the shinier you cat photos become. Especially for black cats, if you want to create a horror movie, you don't have to get a cool lighting cause your kitty will do the rest. Natural lighting is highly recommended for the best result.

#4 Let’s Hear It For All The Disabled Supermodel Cats Out There! My Blind Boy, Eli

Letting your feline be relaxed and happy is very important to have the coolest pictures that people will give a thousand thumbs up for you. We believe if a cat is content we will be the same and it's easier to take photos. Get them their favorite toys, food, even catnip and thank me later.

#5 Flerken Knows How To Find The Light

Lastly, grooming and eating healthily are 2 additional enhancements for your photos but it takes time to improve gradually, make sure you are consistent and patient. Your cat will thank you, or not. Welp, the community above will thank you!

#7 Sometimes I See A Cute Cat And I Lose It On How Cute They Are

#8 Took This Photo Of My Cat This Summer, Love How The Sunlight Brought Out The Green In His Eyes – Hope It Brightens Your Day

#11 This Little Kitty Is Prettier Than Any Human Being I’ve Ever Seen

#13 My Mom Says The Stray I Picked Up Last Year Is Ugly, But I Think She’s Wrong. His Name Is Cheeto

#14 On The Right, Dress By Zac Posen. On The Left, Furr By De Gato

#15 They Don’t Work, But Stephen Has The Most Beautiful Eyes

#16 They Tried To Put Me On The Cover Of Vogue But My Fur Was Too Fluffy!

#25 When We Rescued Him From The Humane Society For $5 He Was Shaved And Looked Like A Mangy Stray. Little Did We Know That Bagheera Was Actually A Majestic Norwegian Forest Cat

#28 I Honestly Can’t Believe Some People Hate Cats. They’re Amazing Little Bundles Of Beauty


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