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30+ Times Asshole Cats Were Publicly Shamed For Their Hilariously Horrible Crimes (Part 2)

It is hard to guess what cats think and feel. There are some specific moments that they are the king/queen of the game. These cute felines show their interested in things that they feel under control and their hate and love are very clear. Cats are perhaps one of the animal kingdom’s most shameless species. They come and go as they like, with an attitude that screams, “I run things,” leaving behind dead mice and birds. Some cat owners are fed up with their feline companion’s irresponsible behavior and want the world to know how horrible their cats are by publicly shaming them online. This is a true moment that cats are not always cute and controllable so people won’t be misunderstandable by their appearance and photos.

The Instagram account @cat_shaming has given pet owners a forum to guide their mischievous cats through a walk of shame, in which images of their feline companions performing illegal activities are shared. From amusing cats rolling around in fresh paint to urinating in their owners’ handbags, it’s evident that these animals don’t care and will most likely continue to commit crimes. Scroll down to see all of the amusing situations, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite case of pet shaming!

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(h/t: boredpanda)

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