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30+ Times Cat Owners Got Fascinated By Their ‘Teefies’ (Part 1)

Who is in love with this ‘teefies’? Sometimes cats are likely to show off their teeth while they are sleeping, biting, chomping and we just cannot resist those little cute teeth. One of the communities for cat photos on Reddit called Teefies subreddit is waiting for you to join to the gang where we can share our fluffball teeth pics, one teeth photo a day keep the doctor away!

Let’s get into the 30+ selective compilation of the most adorable teefies pics and see how the veterinarian, writer, and pet advocate Dr. Ernie Ward explains a cat teeth session and there are some tips for us to keep their teeth healthy. You don’t want to ignore cat’s dental problem, do you?

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#1 She’s Very Proud Of Her Remaining Two Teeth

"About 80 percent of adult cats have serious problems with their teeth, especially a condition called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease looks like stained or 'dirty teeth,' but underneath that discoloration lies gum infection. This infection can spread harmful bacteria throughout the body, damaging heart valves, kidneys, liver, and causing intense pain. In fact, many cases of 'finicky eating' is a cat's way of telling their pet parents it hurts to eat" - said Dr. Ernie when she was asked about the causes of cat's dental health issue.

#2 When You Like Someone And Don’t Know How To Act

The difference between we human and a pet is they simply cannot brush their own teeth so we need to take care of them from the head to the toe beans. She also explained: "Cats need their 30 adult teeth brushed and cleaned regularly. If you don't feel comfortable brushing your cat's teeth with their super-cool tiny kitty toothbrushes, you'll need to have your cat's teeth cleaned once a year by your vet."

And how about dealing with the damaged toof? Dr. Ward suggested us having their teeth pulled to have a better result or else your poor little kitty will have to be troublesome to eat.

"If your cat's tooth becomes broken, infected, or is causing severe pain, tooth extraction may be required. The procedure is identical to a human having a 'tooth pulled.' Your kitty will be sedated, the gums numbed, and the tooth extracted. Often a special suture will be used to sew up the hole and antibiotics and pain medication prescribed."

The consequence of getting rid of your cat's damaged tooth is "most cats feel much better after a damaged tooth is removed and can eat and drink within hours."

#3 The Best Portrait

Your cat may look like a little vampire for a while, as the first baby kittens to erupt are their incisors and canines. The first baby's teeth begin to grow when kitty cats are 5-6 weeks old, permanent teeth start to appear in the incisors and 11-16 weeks of age.

The adult canines emerge when the cat is 12-20 weeks of age. When the cats reach 16-20 week old, their premolars erupt. Finally, molars (things that are not visible since they are at the back of the mouth) will emerge at about 20-24 weeks.

#4 Vicious Lion Snarls As He Shows His Massive Set Of Teefies To The Helpless Prey

#12 Here’s My Gargoyle. He Had To Get The Majority Of His Teeth Removed At A Young Age, But He’s Still Handsome

#13 I Think My Sink Is Messed Up, I Turned It On And This Came Out

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