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30+ Times Cat Owners Got Fascinated By Their ‘Teefies’ (Part 2)

Although people like us are endearingly fascinated by the cat’s teefies because they look like a mini version of a vampire, there are some dental health takeaways you should remember.

First off, cats hide the pain so well that we don’t even figure out whether they are purring, meowing, biting, or chomping. You might see the cat purring and you consume that is when they are happy but in fact, purrings are multidimensional signs, stress is one of them. Let’s connect the dots in a day so you can see the root of their pain, check the food if they are hard for them to bite and digest, check their mouth regularly to see if they have any redness in the gum.

Second of all, cats can’t solve their dental problem themselves. There are several dental issues that occur to cats: gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption, and the severity of each of these conditions can vary significantly. Swelling, redness in the gum, uncontrollable drooling, and bad breath are some of the vital and recognizable signs. You need to rush them to the vet and get advice from them.

Our beloved vampire fangs should be carefully brushed to avoid those negative diseases. If your kitty is a bossy one and they don’t want to have any toothbrush in their mouth, be gentle with them. It means don’t ever use a toothbrush but provide some dental chews in their food bowl instead.

A r/Teefies subreddit community has compiled a lot of the cutest and glibbest teefies photos in town and is still ongoing. Let’s scroll down, pick the most impressive cat-sized vampires of your own by upvoting, and share with us if your cat also has lovable teefies!

Check out our previous part: Part 1

(h/t: boredpanda)

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