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30+ Times Cats Acted So Weird, They Made People Ask, “What’s Wrong With Your Cat”

The world without cats is like a person who is in famine. They will become hangry (hungry and angry, you know), lack of ameowment, the depression and anxiety will intrude all over the body, not just only mental health. With them, on the other hand, like a happy baby who is fully fed. They will be more calm and content, everything is solved/forgiven/forgotten by a furry feline. Compassion and trust will be increased for both humans and cats. Speaking about trust, I’d like to reward you guys with tons of derpy kitty photos below, showing how your cat loves you!

Remember, cats are independent and they are more likely to act regal and sometimes arrogant. These unexpected moments are not easy to be shown toward strangers. They are very intelligent and they do know whom they are gonna be vulnerable to. Exposing tummy in front of a random passerby? Impossible! Letting you take these moments of truth and keeping posing like this are the signs of trust. Like human relationships, your partner only shows their quirks when they consider you are trustful enough to reveal.

Scroll down and enjoy, folks. There is nothing that can stop cats to be normal since those are very adorable and hilarious otherwise. Feed your eyes and your heart with cute cat photos, and don’t forget to feed them with affection!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#3 Meet Winston. When I Tilt My Head At Him, He Tilts His Head Back (His Head Tilts Are Significantly More Dramatic Than Mine Though Lol)

#7 He Hates Breaded Chicken But Tries To Steal It Anyway. Cue Intense Gagging Every. Single. Time. Dork

#13 Google Made A Panorama Of My Cat Stealing My Husband’s Pants Out Of His Closet

#14 Had To Share Another One Of Her Crazy Sleep Positions – How She Stayed Like That And Didn’t Fall Off I’ve No Idea!

#16 My Cat Is Actually Using A Purchased Product Made For Cats As Intended And Instead Of The Box It Came In. What Is Wrong With Her?!?

#20 What I Came Home To (Dug Out Of Trash) No Idea How Long He Was Like This

#30 I Actually Captured The Moment When Kevin’s Brain Came To A Screeching Halt


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