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30+ Times Cats Didn’t Want To Be In Your Stupid Selfies And The Result Was Hilarious

A face can tell a thousand words – that’s what you’ll always get when you want them kitties to be your selfie mate without any permission. Before taking any picture with this dramatic creatures, you should probably host a conference about how to not make them surprised by the flashlight, how to politely ask them if they want to strike a pose, or else your photos will go wrong like these 30+ people below! Who cares about taking selfie? Feed me instead!!

Hopefully in the next decade, cats will cooperate with us to release some more photogenic pics. Yeah, I mean, hopefully..

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#6 After Being Away For Six Months, You’d Think He Would Be A Little More Willing To Take A Selfie With Me

#7 I Was Told There Would Be Ducks. Not Duck Faces

#10 Tried To Take A Nice Picture Together, But Then There Was A Fly


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