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30+ Times Cats Found Catnip, And Cat.exe Stopped Functioning

Catnip and kitty are the most hilarious combo to give the world a guffaw. That green stuff is as magnificent as our majestic, which made from a plant called nepeta cataria, closely related to mint, in another words, it is usually called catmint. By the time a cat starts to smell it, the dust of catnip will rapidly trigger them and the whole scene is frozen!

Social media users have uploaded these 30+ coolest pictures to show their furball becomes an uncontrollable weirdo when they smell, eat, and sway with a drug friend catnip. Some cats are completely derp, while others are wild and hyperactive.

Humans, it’s your time to capture a lot of ecstatic moments when your kitty is high as a kite!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#3 She Just Sticks Her Head In And Breathes. Same Bag Of Catnip For Four Years

#6 Catnip + Cat Pole: Awkward Family Situation (Mother And Son)

#9 My Kitten Found The Catnip Drawer And Immediately Had An Existential Crisis

#12 So I Put Some Catnip In Our Food Dehydrator And Came To Find This

#13 Just My Cat Enjoying Some Catnip In The Sun. He Was Seriously Sleeping Like This

#21 Gave My Cat Some Catnip And Left The House, Came Back To This

#25 After Eating A Bunch Of Catnip, Gus Just Sat There Staring At Nothing For A Couple Minutes

#27 Found Our Cat On The Table, Completely Out Of His Mind On Catnip

#28 My Friend Had To Hide The Catnip Cigar Due To Level 10 Freakout

#30 Our Cat Gets High On Catnip, Then Sits On The Couch And Watches Family Guy For Hours. I Walked In On Her Like This


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