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30+ Times Cats Malfunctioned And Their Owners Just Had To Document It Online

#33 We Just Bought A New House. This Is Where I Keep Finding Him

#37 This Is Where Our New Cat Sleeps, So This Is What I Wake Up To

#38 I’m Not Quite Sure What’s Wrong With Him But Send Help

#39 Can Confirm – He Does Not Have Trust Issues (It Has Since Been Reinforced To Protect Against Chonkiness)

#41 He Likes To Take Piggy Back Rides, And Will Crawl Onto Anyone’s Back If They Happen To Bend Over Near Him

#42 “You’ll Ruin Your Eyesight Sitting That Close To The Monitor!” I Said

#43 What Do You Mean I Have Bad Posture? I Was Told This Fits Here! She Sits Like That For Hours Every Other Day

#47 He Just Fell Asleep Like That, Woke Him And He’s Fine But It Looks Like He’s Wasted

#49 Chiro Has Always Been A Bit Weird Though. This Is Smol Chiro Doing Her Best Freddy Krueger Impression


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