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30+ Times Cats Said If It Fits

There’s only one thing cuter cats enjoy more than lazing around and doing nothing at all: fitting into small spaces. They enjoy wrapping themselves in an Amazon box, a shoe shelf, or even a pizza box even more when they know their human slave believes they won’t fit – oh, the joy of proving your human slave wrong…

While many of us find this ‘cat in a box’ behavior perplexing (after all, why would you put yourself in a location that appears to be extremely uncomfortable? ), scientists have a couple of theories to explain these amusing cat activities.

To begin, keep in mind that our lovable felines are actually vicious predators, and boxes make excellent stalking and hiding spots. As a result, enclosed enclosures provide a sense of safety and security for cats, and some study suggests that boxes may even reduce feline stress levels.

Another reason we frequently see sleeping cats curled up in small and compact spaces is that it helps them maintain body heat. A domestic cat’s thermoneutral zone is 86 to 97 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 20 degrees warmer than ours. As a result, squeezing into a small box could be a smart heat-saving strategy.

Whatever the case may be, let’s face it: cats can be hilarious! Check out the amusing cat pics below if you don’t believe us.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#11 My girlfriend’s cat was reunited with the basket he was brought home in

#20 Spent 10 minutes looking for my cat before I went to bed, found him asleep in a wok on top of the freezer

#25 The orange shrub-cat requires many pets to grow big and strong. Contrary to other shrubs, this shrub is deeply adverse to being watered


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