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30 Times Dogs Turned Out To Be A Different Breed Than The Owners Anticipated

Whoever has experienced this unexpected yet freaking lovable transformation of your doggo will understand what are we talking about. Grown-up pets are defined as a bigger version of being a kid, but sometimes life doesn’t grant what we command.

Hold up, there’s a saying “When this door closes another one opens” and you are completely not alone in this case. In fact, there are too many pet owners out there who had their expectations hit with a reality check after their puppies grew up and the owner had no idea why them pups turned out to be another breeds.

But you know what? In the end, the breed is just a label and these woofers are still adorable!

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#1 “He’s a hound mix… they said. He will be 45 lbs max… they said. They didn’t say he was mixed with Great Dane. And that he would be 45 lbs when he was 4 months old. Loki is now a comfortable 100lbs”

There are so many reasons why we came to this confusion about the dog breeds. Antonio Diaz, a dog trainer and behavior specialist based in Las Vegas said it happened all the time due to 2 reasonable points:

First, “people aren’t doing their research on the breeder.” Second, “a low price on a 'purebred dog' blinds some of us, and you get caught in a scam.” If it’s too good to be true, “you know the rest.” explained Antonio.

Antonio believes that most of these dogs “come from backyard breeders.” In order to avoid confusion later, people should “always ask to see the parents of the puppies AND previous litters.”

He warns that if the parents “aren’t’ available, it’s a red flag and you should run.”


So why does it have this changes?

In fact, it happens in humans too. “Young children can have blonde hair and end up being brunet as adults. Our eye colors sometimes change too.” - Antonio sensibly concluded.

Dogs tend to change their appearance since they grow older. “They have an undercoat that grows as they get older. Different patterns and colors of fur start to develop and grow in.”

As a result, your dog could literally transform his looks with time. “This is what happened with my own German shepherd. She was dark in her face as a puppy and got lighter as she aged.” said Antonio.

No matter how they look, we would forever engage with those dorkie chorkie doggos right?

#5 She was supposed to be a yorkshire. Turned out better than what we asked for

#7 “The shelter said boxer mix. After doing Wisdom Panel, we found out he’s 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Australian Shepherd, 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog, 12.5% Mastiff and 12.5% other. 77 lbs of good boy”

#10 “My ‘purebred chihuahua’. The vet says 1/2 chihuahua and 1/2 yorkshire terrier. I love my dorkie chorkie”

#12 “My handsome ‘Maltese x fox terrier’ boy. No idea what breeds are in there but he is amazing regardless”

#13 “My ’50 lb lab mix’ grew into a sweet, beautiful 85 lb Rottweiler/boxer! Wouldn’t have her any other way. Pictured with my mom on her natural habitat (the lap)”

#15 “Was told she was a shih tzu come to find she is a poodle jack russel mix”

#17 “I was told he would be a small apartment dog, 4 years and 20 pounds later, still beautiful, still the Love of my life”

#19 “This guy was supposed to be a mix between an mini-pincher and a jack russel terrier. He now weighs more than 11kg”

#21 “I told my mom Bunni was a mini dachshund for Christmas now she is about 6-7 months old and 40 pounds”

#23 “This girl was supposed to be half Rottweiler, half German shepherd. plot twist- her largest percentage is actually CHOW CHOW at 30%, and the rest a mix of Doberman, golden retriever, shepherd, Rottweiler, jack Russell terrier and super mutt”

#24 “Our Little Girl was speculated to be a Beagle mix. However, I don’t believe I’ve ever met a 70 lb Beagle mix before. But we love her, whatever she is!”

#25 “Purebred Jack Russell. DNA tests have confirmed Chihuahua with some pomeranian, Jack Russell is 7th down the list of composite breeds next to great Dane”

#28 “The collie I got at the shelter he’s the best and I love him just as he is anyways!”


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