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30+ Times Owners Wanted Cats And Dogs To Live Together, But It Didn’t Work Out As Planned

Love hate relationship is the most apparent feature when you introduce another pet to your current kitty, especially the canines. The reason is they’re different in how they behave ( dogs are more clingy while cats are likely to stay alone in the corner and don’t like to be bothered), their personalities ( doggo is friendly and sociable but cats are picky and malicious!), and so on! So before you consider to get your cat a new friend, whatever that animal is, make sure that you check the breed first or you will get these distressful but hilarious situations below!

Not sure what we’re talking about? Scroll down to see 30+ owners’ craziest photos that you’ve never imagined that could appear in this world! If these photos are not convincing of how rude the cats are, check out another hilarious 40 jerk cats who reigned over dogs and stole their beds.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 I Started Dating A Girl With A Dog. I Have A Cat. We Decided It Was Time To Introduce Them. This Is Me Just Before Being Caught In Violent Crossfire

#3 Having A Cone Collar Fitted At The Vet Was Bad Enough, Then My Dog Had To Come Home To The Cat

#4 It’s A Trap! Or At Least It Looks That Way To Dawn, My Cat, As She Decides Whether Or Not To Go Up The Stairs Past My Three Dogs: Jasper, Lilah And Tucker

#9 My Cat Doesnt Like My Dog, Taking His Hate To The Next Extreme

#10 I’m Not Saying That My Dog Should Respect The Cat A Little Bit More, But….

#11 There Is An 80-pound Dog In My Lap Because He Is Afraid Of Being Catslapped

#14 Housemate’s Dog Doesn’t Accept That My Cat Won’t Be His Friend. Waits Patiently Outside My Door Everyday For My Cat To Trust Him

#16 My 85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of My Sister’s 1.5 Lb Foster Kitten

#23 Dog Walked Into The Room. Sat On The Cats Face. Then Re-Adjusted To Make Sure She Was Getting Maximum Ass To Face Coverage

#25 This Is Cali. She Liked To Mess With The Dogs By Standing In Their Water Bowl

#27 My Cat Cat Disapproves Of Human/Dog Love… I Didn’t Even Know She Could Do That Face

#28 Friend Just Got A German Shepard Puppy. Asked How Her Cat Is Getting Along With Him, And Was Sent This Pic

#29 I Didn’t Know I’d Have To Give Up My Dog When I Got A Cat. And By Give Up I Mean The Cat Now Owns The Dog

#30 Fiancée Moved In And Brought Her Dog. We Were Worried About The Dog Bullying The Cats. We Quickly Realized The Reverse Was True


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