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30+ Times People Caught Their Cats Sleeping Together In Such Weird Positions, They Just Had To Share The Pics Online

Cats are bizarre in every little thing they do, some prove that gravity doesn’t exist, some want to summon the demon, others are got caught sleeping in weird positions. People would think a viral heart-shaped napping kitties photo is the owner’s arrangement, but you know, cats are not gonna let us touch them unless they don’t want to be. Moreover, kitties are known for being immensely flexible and we would never understand why they are comfortable with an unusual sleeping positions that they choose.

This article will expose why cats like to resemble with other cats to sleep, some unique features of cat’s body for them to easily sleep in an incomprehensive poses, and of course, 30+ sleeping meowdels in weird positions!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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A feline behaviorist Celia Haddon, who explained that such behavior was a sign of cat friendship when she was asked about why some cats prefer taking naps with their fellow animal companions, and about their flexibility in twisting in the rarest form.

“Cats keep their friends close and their enemies at a distance. They naturally socially distance strangers.”

Moreover, “cats that dislike each other will not sleep touching.” Celia explained because they considered other cats acquaintances, not bestfriends.

It's now a sign for you to see if your cats get along with each other just by watching them sleeping in a cuddled up positions!


Another surprising thing about cats is how flexible they are. The cat can sleep in every single pose which they think it is considered a very extreme resting position.

“Their spine rotates far more than ours does, and they have special cushioned discs between the vertebrae.” - Celia revealed.

She also added: “They also don’t have a collar bone attached to their shoulder blade. Instead, their shoulder blade is attached to the rest of the body with muscles, not bone.”


Lastly, their sleeping positions also depend on the temperature. “If it is cold, cats that are friends probably sleep with more of their bodies touching.” Celia added. How about if it's hot? Furry belly is on duty!

She also said that cats often get more cautious about where they sleep as they get older: “That is often because, like us, they get arthritis so they need more comfort.”

Let's review those adorable cat's napping forms and tell us more about your home kitty's weirdest position in the comments!


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