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30 Times People Got More Than They Paid For In Their Airbnb Apartments And Met The Cutest Animals

Sometimes, a solo vacation is just what we need to detoxicate from all the urban stress, and a nice, comfy Airbnb place would be the cherry on top! But traveling alone comes also means that you will do almost everything by yourself. Since that might sound a bit lonely, we as social creatures tend to yearn for interactions even when we are alone in an unfamiliar place. Luckily for people on the list below because they had some furry companion to keep them lonely-proof during their Airbnb stay. These lovely dogs and cats are probably the best hosts ever: they provide various services for free: all-night cuddles, morning wake-ups, face-licking, and the perfect guard of your belongings while you are away. (Well they don’t do services for money, they do it for the rubs and snugs instead). With all the services listed, every guest would be pleased to leave a 5-star review for their four-legged hosts – which, as you will see, was well deserved. Scroll down to see how hospitable these unofficial hosts of Airbnb treat their guests and don’t forget to upvote your favs! 

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#1 Staying at an AirBnB and I woke up to their kitten this morning licking my face. Instant 5 star review

Those who are interested in having their own animal Airbnb experience can choose from a variety of options that the site offers to ensure an animal experience during their stay. If you want to bring your own pet, check the description to see if pets are permitted, or add it to your search preferences. However, you should be more careful since pets are not as easily adapted as humans, and they can be frightened when being put in an unfamiliar environment. 

#3 (V2) Airbnb host was concerned I would cancel because he had puppies. Instead, I stayed an extra week!

If you don't own a pet but like the people on the list would appreciate a furry surprise host, check the listing's amenities section to see if pets are already available. If you see 'Pet Owner,' you can expect to see another host at your vacation destination. Just because a host has a pet doesn't mean you can't bring your own, so always double-check! 

#4 This sweet boy Benny greeted us with his teddy bear when we got to our Air BnB

#5 This majestic beast at my AirBnB. Such a sweet, solemn little face and BOOF – all the fluff!

Humans are always so drawn to animals, they can instantly bring a smile to our faces and give us the desire to give them so much love. Well, unless you're allergic, animals are one of the best methods of therapy for humans, research confirmed. One example is the relationship between humans and dogs. Studies have proven that dogs can improve patient satisfaction, energy levels, self-esteem, and mood, as well as relieve stress.  Additional benefits include increased motor skills, movement, and social skills too!

#6 Heard a lot of Airbnb horror stories. This is not one of them

#8 This is Burger, our Airbnb host for our stay in Tromsø last month. He likes licking ears.

In a study of the University of British Colombia, therapy dogs were provided to 246 students so they could be petted and hugged in the drop-in session. The results published in the journal "Stress and Health" showed that after the course, the stress level decreased significantly, the feeling of well-being increased and the energy level increased as well. Stanley Coren, study co-author and professor emeritus of psychology at UBC said: “We found that, even 10 hours later, students still reported slightly less negative emotion, feeling more supported, and feeling less stressed, compared to students who did not take part in the therapy dog session.”  

#10 Last month we hit the Airbnb jackpot

The benefits of pets apply not only to dogs but also to cats. A study conducted by Cats Protection in 2011 involved 66 participants with cats and not cats who said they currently have mental health problems. The survey found that 87% of people who own cats believe that cats have a positive impact on their health, and 76% said that because of cats, they can cope better with daily life. A third of those surveyed described petting their cat as a quiet and relaxing activity. 

#11 My Airbnb host has a dog. I got up to the bathroom, came back to this

#12 First time airbnb… never saw this cutie before. slept the whole night on my blanket

Feline companions can also have a positive effect on your heart. A 10-year study showed that cat owners are 30% less likely to die from a heart attack or stroke than those who don't. This takes into account that cat owners may generally be more relaxed. 

#13 When your Airbnb comes with a cat

My Airbnb in Flagstaff had the best host. This is Hector who kept my head warm all night at no extra charge. 10/10 would book again.

#14 Arrived at my air bnb for the night and made friends with the cat, turns out he doesn’t even live here!

To become a healthier person, you definitely need a good sleep! Various studies in the UK have shown that people (especially women) prefer to sleep with their cats rather than their partners, and better sleeping records has even been reported as well. In addition to this report, the Mayo Sleep Medicine Center also revealed that 41% of the people in the study said they slept better because of pets, and only 21% said it caused interference.          

#15 I rented a place off Airbnb and it said there were a few dogs on the property. This little fella was one of them. Best rental ever

#16 Staying at an Airbnb on a farm, $22/night and all the animals you can pet

Although this list only includes cats and dogs, you may find some very exotic service animals. According to the ADA (Americans With Disabilities), a service animal is any animal that provides assistance to people with disabilities. These include miniature horses, ferrets, pythons, parrots, pot-bellied pigs, capuchin monkeys,... and many more.

#17 Woke up next to this guy at an Airbnb room I’m staying at.

#18 This is Belle. One special goat friend at our Airbnb (our host assured us she’s fine)

Service animals are usually provided to people with special needs, they are trained to assist their owners with specific tasks like help their owners to cross the road, open doors and guard them against possible threats.  

However, emotional support animals are easier to qualify because they don't need to be as highly trained, but some animals like dogs are trained to even detect depression, they can associate the drop in serotonin with you being sad. Upon sensing your current mental state, dogs can react in a comforting and supportive way. In order for a person to legally qualify for an emotional support animal: "He/she must be considered emotionally disabled by a licensed mental health professional (therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.), as evidenced by a properly formatted prescription letter."

#20 At an AirBnB this weekend. It also came with Pearl, a 23-year-old, three legged cat. She looks grumpy, but is an absolute sweetheart.

#21 This very good boy lives in our Airbnb apartment. He was rescued from the beach by its owners a few days ago. He is such a heartthrob!

#23 Away for work and missing my pupper, luckily my AirBnB host has this beautiful creature. Meet Luna.

#25 The Airbnb host dog, Woodruff, required pets and scratches before we were allowed to leave.

#27 This guy greeted me when I arrived at my Airbnb. Gotta boop!

#29 You know you’ve picked the right Airbnb to stay in when you walk in and see this guy

#30 Staying at a Airbnb in Puerto Vallarta. They failed to mention the best feature of the house!


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