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30+ Times People Saw Cats In Unexpected Places And Decided To Snap Some Pics

These 30+ photos would speak for you because every time we see something that is not actually an object but it keeps reminding you of something similar, it is called pareidolia. And chill, that is a very normal thing, moreover, it means you have a brilliant imagination!

Many people have the same situation as you, but specifically with cats. They saw a Cheshire cat on the egg that they were about to eat, some people saw a cat wearing a pair of glasses on a bug, and so on. What does it mean to see those cats though? They are gradually taking over the world literally and metaphorically!

Professor Kang Lee from the University of Toronto had a definition about pareidolia and he explained to us the science of seeing faces and familiar figures in things.

“Pareidolia illustrates the interaction between the visual cortex and the frontal cortex of the human brain. It suggests that our brain is highly sensitive and expecting to encounter and process some special classes of objects in our environment because they are biological and socially important to our adaptions to the environment.”

So don’t be panicked, you are not haunted by the cats, they just simply appear to you in an imaginative way. What are you waiting for? Let’s figure out your favorite feline pareidolias that you like best!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#4 The Makeup Squirt On My Sponge Resembled A Cat This Morning.

#11 This Shadow Of The Window Frame Looks Like A Cat Is Perched Up There.

#18 The Reflection Of This Watch Looks Like A Logo For Some Cat Super Hero.

#21 This Tree Behind My House Looks Like A Cat Turning Back To Look At Me

#26 The Tigers On These Socks Look Like House Cats When Turned Inside Out

#27 The Way The Glass From One Building Reflects Onto The Brick Into The Image Of A Cat.


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