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30+ Times Pets Almost Gave Their Owner A Heart Attack By How Terrifying They Looked

When you see internet celebrities like Doug the Pug, Jiff Pom, and Nala Cat, who have millions of followers, it’s easy to believe our furry friends were made for the camera, if not for Hollywood.

However, scrolling through the camera roll to view the outcomes of a recent unplanned shot leaves you with a frigid moment of expectation against reality. Worse, some of our cherished pets are the polar opposite of photogenic, resembling unpettable demons, wild chupacabras, and deranged monsters who appear to have spent too much time with the Ouija board.

We have assembled a collection of exactly similar photographic situations that demonstrate one thing: regardless of the visual ugliness, we still consider our dogs to be the most attractive, and no one dares to disagree.

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#3 There’s A Lot Of Reasons Why Your Mailman Might Not Deliver Your Packages, And This Is One Of Them. I Can Handle A Dog, But Not A Dog With An Axe

It's easy to blame the animal for not remaining still for the camera while gazing at this collection of not always the most gorgeous pet photos. Posing is, after all, a skill that not everyone possesses. But what if we take a fresh look at the pets who aren't photogenic? What if I told you that the cameraman, i.e. you, is in need of some work?

We got out to Sydney-based expert pet photographer Keefe Tay, who runs "Furry Munchkins Pet Photography," to find out what it takes to make your furball appear amazing in photos. When asked what the most common pet photography blunders are, Keefe responded that people don't get down to the same level as their pets.

#6 Give Me Those Tweezers

“The greatest suggestion would be to get down low and picture them at their eye level,” he explained. “This makes them stand out as the subject and allows the spectator to see things from their perspective.”

Another typical blunder is not making the photo shoot enjoyable for their pets. “Pet photo sessions should be the most enjoyable part of a dog's or cat's week. Bring the food and toys to their favorite parks, beaches, and sites for photos.”

#9 His Favorite Companion. He Carries It On Our Walks And Scares The Neighborhood Kids

The third blunder is failing to use the proper lighting. “I'm not suggesting that we get some sophisticated lighting equipment here. However, I do not advocate photographing them in direct sunlight for outside images! On a cloudless day, when the sun is directly above the subject, the shadows and lighting will be quite strong. When the sun is low in the sky, shoot closer to sunset or sunrise.”

#12 #12 When You Put A Pancake On Your Cat’s Face Because You Think It’s Gonna Be Cute But Instead It Gives You Nightmares

Keefe would respond no to the question of whether certain animal breeds are more photogenic than others. “All animals are lovely, and if you have the appropriate lighting, your images will reflect that. Attempt to capture their distinct characteristics and personalities and display them in a beautiful way.”

#15 I’m Not Sure What I Did, But I’m Sorry

However, not everyone has the time, effort, or resources to put up a beautiful studio setup to photograph their pet. However, “capturing your pet's personality (when they are doing something silly/cute/fun) wherever you are is priceless,” according to Keefe, and it doesn't take much to have a good time with your furry buddy.

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