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30+ Times Pets Were Caught Red-Handed

Do you ever wonder what your pet does during the day when you’re at work? Your top suggestions might be ‘sleeping like an angel’ or ‘guarding my house’… But what if your pet is up to naught good and you aren’t aware of it?

When our four-legged friends are caught red-pawed and with lots of evidence to prove they were up to no good, their ‘wasn’t me’ face expressions are very hilarious.

Gidypet has compiled a list of the most hilarious pics of pets caught doing things they shouldn’t.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you? I’ve been finding thumb tacks in my shoes lately and I couldn’t figure out which cat was doing it. Needless to say, the door to my office will be remaining closed from now on

#8 They almost completed the ladder to the food before they got caught.

#15 My German Shepherd isn’t allowed on my bed. When I caught him he rolled off and tried to act casual

#16 Every time he gets caught doing something wrong, he makes this face, then looks at me like “Dude, help me out here.”

#17 Scout, pretending to be asleep to get closer to stealing my breakfast (look at his left eye)

#20 I found out who has been stealing my paper. Followed this guy 3 blocks, he wasn’t fazed

#26 Something has been stealing cat food and leaving mystery poops in the garage. Finally caught the culprit in the act. I was not expecting this

#28 My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster, luckily he never gets too far

#29 I present to you Duffy, my cucumber stealing bassett hound


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