30 Times Sphynx Cats Proved They’re Not The Best Photo-Models

How do you define… a photogenic cat? By their luscious thick coat? By their sparkly, big eyes, or by their squishable faces? That was actually a trick question, because every cat is photogenic, and every cat is beautiful in its own way, even for those who don’t have the traits above. There is a special cat species with no long, smooth fur, or cute naive face, their body is rather naked with wrinkly skins and their faces are usually look like they have a problem with you, yes we’re talking about the Sphynxes. But don’t feel sorry for them because they are perfect this way, and their owners are not any less proud of them than any other cat owners. However, their owners have a bad rap for not taking any good photos of them, most photos of Sphynxes online are rather unflattering, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look hilarious. All the Sphynxes below don’t seem to care more about their looks, because they are busy doing cat things: lazy and cute at the same time (that’s hard work to maintain 24/7). Scroll down to see the full collection of the 30 best photos of Sphynxes we got for you, remember to give your favorite feline a vote up!

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#1 Accidently walked in on my sphynx communicating directly with the cat dimension

Whatever you think of Sphynxes' appearance, you can't deny that they have such unique personalities. It's an understatement to say they're vibrant since these cats are true acrobats, prepared to leap from bookcases to doorways or jump to the kitchen counter to steal your bread. Despite their brooding expressions, Sphynxes are dedicated and faithful companions.  They're known for following their owners around the home and wagging their tails like dogs, kneading with their padded toes, and purring with excitement at the simple pleasure of being near their loved ones.

#3 I am in love with him

However, you could say they are a bit needy. Sphynxes are very people-oriented and demand a lot of attention from owners. They want to be acknowledged and appreciated like true royalty. 

These felines are also playful and mischievous, so if owners spoil them a bit too much, they may be naughty and demanding. After all, they are still cats, with all the mystique and fascination that has entranced humans for hundreds of years, despite their strange, unfitting looks. Sphynxes aren't for everyone, yet their unique look and intriguing demeanor have won hearts all over the world.

#5 Sometimes I am a bat

The Sphynx appears to be more like a naked mole rat than a feline at first glance. However, if you pet one, you'll see that they're not completely hairless. Sphynxes have a delicate covering of downy fuzz on their bodies. Their jackets have a suede-like feel to them, while not being soft.

#7 Our hairless cat has a face on her butt

Sphynxes may seem to be regarded as "naked" cats, but they also have patterns and various skin pigments. There's a Sphynx variant of almost any longer-haired cat, from tortoises to tabbies.

#9 Meet Loki

As Sphynx cats technically don't have fur, you might think they're cleaner than most cat species, but the answer is no. Even if your cat's coat isn't a magnet for dust, pollen, or other particles, its skin still generates oil. Most cats benefit from oil to keep their fur smooth. Sphynx cats, on the other hand, might develop a greasy layer on their body, which requires weekly bathing to cleanse off the oil surface. This is also applied with the ears: because there are no hairs to prevent dirt and dead skin cells from gathering inside the cavities, owners must wipe them down with a washcloth or cotton ball on a regular basis to maintain them clean.

#10 Owning a hairless cat occasionally results in nightmare material

#11 My cat was out laying in the sun too. I was definitely not thinking about battlefield

Don't put sunscreen on your Sphynx every time it rests in the sun; nevertheless, bear in mind that a Sphynx's skin is more sensitive than other felines' because it isn't coated in a dense coat. (They can also have sunburnt.) They are susceptible to becoming overheated or cold, and while they can go outside, they should be kept mainly indoors.

#12 Slave, you better rub this belly or I will be grumpy all weekend

#18 I texted my 36 week pregnant wife to ask how he was feeling, this was the photo I got in response

#21 Let your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you

#25 Hooman dare wash my toebeans. No one touches dis Dobby’s toebeans

#28 Enough with these cute costumes. Happy halloween from Skully


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