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30 Times These Cat Owners Realized Their Pets Might Be Evil

Who is the biggest jerk in the smallest form that you are thinking of? Yep, no one but our itty-bitty kitties! No matter how much we adore cats in every kind of way, we can’t deny that there are still some devilish sides that drive you to go crazy. Due to their unusual behaviors, Christopher Ingraham, posted on Twitter how quirk and evil his cat was. For some reason, Machiavellian the cat started to pound the baby’s door in order to wake Ingraham up. While the baby was screaming like an alarm, the cat would pull some tears just not to get tossed outside. Looks like the owner was stuck in the dilemma…

He received a lot of other stories about how cats take us into misery, anger, and humor. Everyone who owns a cat or two can relate to it, they are proud (I guess?!) to boast about whose cat is eviler. But every behavior has its own scientific explanation. There must be something wrong with your cat’s litter box, or their food bowl. Don’t forget to get them a scratch post if you don’t want them to sharpen their claws with your valuable sofa. Cats are not revengeful like what people would think, open with them more and listen to their problems.

Let’s take a look at the most hilarious horror stories of these 30 cat owners after Christopher Ingraham posted his situation to the world!

More info: Twitter | Facebook (h/t: boredpanda)

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