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30+ Times Vets Encountered The Cutest Pets At Work And Just Had To Take A Picture

Let’s have a salute to those people who are extremely devoted to take care of our four-legged friends when they are in the dire situations! Being a vet is not a piece of cake profession as many people thought, it takes a lot of time for learning to be a skillful doctor, a psychologist, a temporary human parent, a true friend, a consultant, and a reliable companion to the pets since most of them are scared of going to the vet. Yet, to get away from those stressful duties in a moment, they can absolutely have a chance to play and cuddle with their animal clients.

Even there will be pressure and sadness, when they look back to what they have been through and knowing that all those cute little pets are happily alive, no tears will be fallen off the ground. These 30+ wholesome snaps below show that being a vet is the greatest decision ever!

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(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My Friend Posted A Photo Of A Cat He Took Care Of While On His Vet Internship In Taiwan

#5 A Baby Fox Was Brought To Our Local Vet. Looks Almost Like CGI On This Pic

#8 I’m A Horse Vet. This Adorable Little Guy Fell Asleep On My Feet While I Talked To His People

#10 9-Week Old Maine Coon Kittens, Waiting For Their Vet Check

#11 Girlfriend Is A Vet Tech, She Sends Me Photos Of Handsome Animals Like This All The Time

#12 The Second Male Calico The Vet Has Seen In Over 54 Years Of Practice

#14 We Really Take Post-Op Care Seriously At My Job. Cuddles Is The Best Medicine

#15 German Shepherd With Golden Retriever Mix. Cuteness Overload

#16 I Work At A Vet Clinic And Haven’t Had A Pet In Quite Some Time. Someone Brought This Fella In To Be Neutered And Stated She’d Be Returning Him Back Outside

#18 My Mom’s A Vet And Today My Wife And I Got The Chance To Play With This Little Girl

#19 I’ll Just Be Right Here Making Sure Anesthetic Recovery Goes Well, Don’t Mind Me

#21 Most People Keep Office Supplies In Their Desk. I Keep A Sleeping Pomeranian

#24 My Step-Dad Is A Vet And One Of His Patients Looked A Little Different Today

#25 Shocked Pupper Is So Shocked. My Equally Shocked Coworker Katie

#28 Damascus Was A Bad Man At The Vet And Was Very Bitey So He Got Put In The Lizard Straight Jacket For His X-Rays


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