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30+ Wholesome Cat Posts That Will Hopefully Make Your Day

Sometimes we have been struggling with a lot of things happened in our life. Things could be hard but there are many ways to help us feel better. Spending time with criminally cute cats, in my opinion, is the best way to convert a good day into a purrfect one. No insult to any of you doggos out there (believe me, I adore you all), but cats are fantastic.

But don’t panic if you don’t currently have a lovely kitty or two at your side. To keep you company, we compiled a compilation of cute cat photographs. Keep reading and remember to upvote your favorite humorous kitties! Share the ones you like the most with your friends to brighten their day.

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In the United States, there are more puppers than mousers in households. Cats, on the other hand, are kept as pets in greater numbers. In the US, there are roughly 70 million dogs and 75 million cats. Meanwhile, due to the millions and millions of feral cats that wander freely, worldwide feline population estimates vary greatly. They have no intention of remaining silent long enough to participate in a survey. On the whole, there are between 220 and 600 million cats on the earth.


With the amount of time they spend snoozing in between meals, a tabby's existence can feel like a never-ending vacation. Cats are well-known for being snoozers. Every day, they sleep for 12 to 16 hours. Older cats, on the other hand, sleep even more, up to 20 hours per day! Anyone would be green with jealousy if they saw that.


Hairballs that cats regurgitate are called trichobezoars, which is a fun fact for all you Harry Potter and Crookshanks enthusiasts out there. Unfortunately, unlike in the Wizarding World, real-life bezoars do not act as poison antidotes and will make you sick. Do not consume them.


A cat is photogenic no matter what it does, whether it's sitting in a box or stretching. I'm not sure if it is the catnip. They can't take a lousy cat photo, that's the objective. Their look is spot-on whether they're pooping in the litter box or feasting on a mouse they recently caught. Some cats appear to be way too serious, while others appear to be sweeter than Puss in Boots and make us giggle with their playful behaviors. It is no surprise that the Internet is brimming with amusing posts showcasing people's love for foolish cats.


Whether they are monster chompers or kitten kitties who like to dance dance dance, I believe we can all agree that we adore them all equally and would gladly welcome them back into our homes.


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