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30+ Wholesome Cat Posts To Make You Feel Warm Inside

#32 “He’s feral, he’ll never be a loving cat”, well, then I have something to say on behalf of Fuzz: “Suck on you!”

#34 Was about to place my cup in there until I realized it’s occupied

#35 Our baby’s first night after being adopted. He loves his new place to sleep!

#37 My husband never owned a pet growing up, so I got him a ‘little’ surprise on our first day moving in the new house

#39 Born 3 days apart, just met last week, already best of friends

#41 “PTSD was so difficult to deal with, this fella makes a world of difference. Purr on playa”

#42 A happy baby to be off the streets and receive lots of food and love everyday!

#44 I feel like a thirdwheel crashing on my boyfriend and my cat’s ritual bonding

#45 Snapped this precious moment when my kitten climbed up to a stranger (besides me) for the first time. Guess he knows this man loves his momma

#49 My cat’s satisfying white fur lines up straight when he’s asleep

#50 The vet sent man a paw print flower seed of his recently passed away cat to commemorate him


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