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30+ Wholesome Pics Of Black Cats To Show They Have Nothing To Do With Bad Luck

What?! Bad luck you say? We think they are happy-go-lucky otherwise! We believe black cats matter and there is nothing to do with some bad superstitious prejudices except having an inky silky treasure in your house!

People always have negative stereotyping assumptions due to the black color of their fur, it also depends on the century or cultural beliefs that they are in. These felines are the most misunderstanding critters among other kitty fellows (especially white cats which human thinks they signify for luck). Black cats are reported to be in the least favorite list when people come to the shelter. Long time ago, Pope Gregory IX believed cats were a link to the devil which led to the burning execution of over 900 cats in France. As the result, still, there has been more than hundreds black cats were killed every year. But in this article, we want to bring the brighter sides of this mysterious look black furball to clap back at those cruel points of view, don’t forget to upvote these wholesome, innocent, and lovable the pictures you like best!

Black cats are not a particular breed, they can come in any size, shape and form. They are born with the darkest tone in the color palette and they have no choice to change it. Black kitties are considered as the smart one, affectionate, have the psychic ability to heal your inner side, and like other cats, they are the greatest companions!

Here are some interesting facts (in case no scientist is involved) about our magical moggies in some specific countries that will make you think again.

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Most of the sailors love to have black cats (or "ship's cat") come into the ship because they have an ability to get rid of the rebellious rats who destroy a cargo, they can calm both wind and sea. Thus, black cat equals luck! 


In the Southern Chile, black cats are an important element that is needed when hunting for the treasure of the carbunclo ( a precious stone that can bring good luck to people).


In France, seeing a black cat means something magical is about to happen.


In England culture, giving a couple of black kitties is like a charm for an excellent marriage.


In Scotland, black cats are said to allay misfortune and attract positively abundant events.


In Early America, black cat's bones had magical powers for attracting good fortune and power. (We don't recommend this!)


In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person's path from right to left, is a bad omen, but from left to right, the cat is foreboding prosperities. Woman who owned a black cat was told to attract many suitors.


In ancient Egypt, blackie moggies were considered good luck, protected you from illness, and boost woman's fertility.


In Japan, when you're suddenly seeing a black cat that means you will have luck finding love. Also, spotting a sable feline friend who is on your porch or in your doorway implies that you will be wealthy soon.


Hopefully after reading this, people will have more tolerance and benevolence to adopt a black kitty since they do no harm to you. So why would we have to discriminate them? Tell us what you think about a black cat in your country and we're happy to acknowledge!


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