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30+ Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos To Warm Your Heart

There is an irresistible connection between pets and humans. Aside from their fa-paw-lous appearance, they are more than what we can expect. However, there are still a lot of abandoned little creatures in the shelter hoping for luck. Is it easy to adopt a pet you might ask? It partially depends on the basic knowledge, and the rest is your effort if you truly love them. Cats or dogs, bunnies or parrots, they all need stable affection. You have to commit with your long-term animal companion, why? Because they fell for you from the start and they are not gonna change what they think about you! Unconditional love is just for humans? I think it’s for everyone who has a heart. So does your lovely pet! Scroll down to see 50 adorable rescue pet photos and rush to the shelter!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My Dog, Who Has Never Liked Cats, Adopted My Bottle Baby Foster Kitten. She Adopted Him Too, I Think

#3 This Was The Day This Little Guy Found Me And Got Himself Adopted

#6 My Girlfriend Has This Rescued Cat, And I Think She’s Cute

#7 This Is Little Arietty, Patiently Waiting For Me To Throw Her Toy. I Am Starting To Suspect That We May Have Adopted A Doggo

#8 My Husband Couldn’t Have Pets Growing Up. When We Bought Our First House I Got Him A Little Surprise

#9 The Neighbours Wanted To Put Down This Dog Due To Being Very Aggressive. Instead, My Dad Adopted Him Into Our Family

#11 Everyone Meet Jake (7-Years-Old). My Wife (Pictured) And I Adopted Him Yesterday From A Local Shelter

#14 She Suddenly Slept Like This While I Was Just Playing With Her. It Was A Stray Kitten, My Brother Adopted Her

#16 After Adopting Our First Cat Everyone Prepared Us For A Nervous And Timid First Few Weeks, This Was Our Sweet Boy 30 Minutes Later

#17 Abbi Learned How To Walk Upstairs Alone And She’s Very Proud Of Herself

#19 My Son, 8, Who Happens To Have Autism Got A Bunny. He Sits Outside With The Bunny For Hours. His Echolalia Stops. His Stimming Stops. He Is Calm, Focused And Happy

#20 Hi Everyone. My Name Is Joey. I Am Excited Because I Am Being Adopted Today

#21 The Two Puppies Who Visited The Georgia Aquarium Were Adopted Together Today

#22 My New Puppy. She’s A Mutt, Some German Shepard And Some Australian Cattle Dog

#23 I Found Him Running On A Road. Got His Chip Scanned And The Vet Called The Owner On File. They Didn’t Care About Him, He Was Dumped. So Meet My Little Buddy, Wilson

#24 We Rescued A Pregnant Cat. Best Decision Ever. This Is Her With Her Son

#27 He Was Adopted After Being Going From Home To Home And Being Mistreated By His Former Owner. I Think He’s Finally Happy

#29 My Husband And I Found This Dog Wandering Around In Our Neighborhood Today. Turns Out She’s Been Seen Around For Weeks, And No Owner Has Come Forward

#30 After Growing Up With Cats And Loving Other People’s Cats. I Finally Have My Own Bundle Of Pure Joy – Meet Nova Everyone


30+ Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos To Heal Your Soul

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