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5 Facts About Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo cats are stunning felines with more to admire than their coats.

We thought we would share some interesting facts about these cats that have grabbed the hearts of many animal lovers!

(h/t: iheartcats)

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#1 Tuxedo cats get their name from their color pattern

They have white on their chests and stomachs, as well as their feet, chins, and necks on occasion. Although black and white is the traditional tuxedo pattern, the color can change as much as the pattern itself.

#2 This pattern isn’t particular to any one breed

In truth, no recognized breeds exist that attempt to produce tuxedo patterns. However, they can be found in a variety of breeds, including the Cornish Rex, British and American Shorthairs, Persians, Maine Coons, and Norwegian Forest Cats, among others.

#3 There are a lot of well-known tuxedo cats!

They were William Shakespeare’s, Beethoven’s, and Sir Isaac Newton’s favorite patterns. Both Mr. Mistoffeles from the play “Cats” and Sylvester from the Looney Toons wore tuxedos. During the Clinton era, the White House also had a tuxedo cat.

#4 These cats are classified as piebald or bi-colored genetically

This simply means that they have patches of uneven coloration, and in the case of tuxedo cats, it appears like they are always dressed in full fashion.

#5 Tuxedo cats, like other felines, have distinct personalities

Each cat is an individual with their own preferences, dislikes, and favorite items. They are constantly loving and eager to spend time with their families, just like any other cat.


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