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5 Reasons To Share Your Bed With Your Cat

An expensive cat tower, a brand new cat-sized bed, an elegant IKEA sofa are actually not feline’s things. They prefer to snuggle up to you under the cozy blanket, dear cat moms and dads! Since they are fond of a soft bed and they will hide themselves to have an extra snooze, you will be not able to make your bed purrfectly every morning. Or whenever you are about to off to bed, a feline will climb up to the bed, sit nicely and wait for your presence to have a cuddly night. How could we not share the bed with the little cheeky felines?

According to the scientists, having a co-sleeping routine with a pet improves and betters our sleeping hours, provides security when we are sleeping, especially with people who have insomnia. Thus, we have an additional fluffy pillow to hold during the sleep who will guard us to the sweetest dreams. So why not let them join our company?

Here are 5 persuasive reasons why you need to share your bed with a cat and I think you’ll probably have more than 5, share with us in the comment below!

(h/t: iheartcats)

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#1 They’re like fluffy little heaters

The temperature of a cat is way higher than our body which roughly between 100.5°F and 102.5°F (38.1°C and 39.2°C). Cats are so warm and soft that we just can't resist their cuteness. When the winter comes, nothing is better than curling up a cat, sipping a warm cup of chamomile tea, and chillaxing with them on our bed all day!

As the average temperature is listed above, you should be aware of their warmth if it's a little higher than normal. A cat can have a fever when their temperature is above 103.5°F (39.7°C) and is prolonged for more than 2 days. Make sure your little buddy is always healthy and happy.

#2 They give you peace of mind

With a high sense of being alert to the surroundings, cats are the best animals to sleep with. They are small indeed, but their power and intuition are undeniable. Feline is your number 1 protector who can rebuke the ghost to go away, invite the blessings and happiness to your sleep. In fact, the cat's nasal part is sensitive and reliable. They can smell what people don't, which is really beneficial when we fall asleep.

To have a better space for our felines while sleeping, it's better to keep citrus and deodorants away from your cat or your room. Little critter just loves our smell, truly!

#3 They’re a great source of emotional healing

Cats are well-known as the best furry therapist ever, their famous purrings are proven to heal your emotions, your broken pieces inside your heart, your anxiety, and your depression. Many stories about cats have given us a great mental health gift that makes us love them more.

These soft rumbles of cats also represent how happy they are after asking for enough attention from their humans.

#4 Plus, your cat loves to snuggle, too!

Who doesn't like to snuggle? A cat can spend all day sleeping on your bed, and their sleeping time can be up to 20 hours! 

#5 It’s the best way to wake up

Sounds conflict huh? But that's so true. Here is why:

Cats are nocturnal creatures, when you are sleeping, they would sneak somewhere to hunt the prey. That's why when a cat owner wakes up, what they receive is diverse: dead rodents, flowers, leaves, and so on. When cats are in the mischievous mode, they will greet you with their buttholes. On the other hand, they will give you a bundle of joy with their fluffy whiskered face. Like a fortune cookie, you'll not what you will get tomorrow, but one thing for sure is having a cat is the best thing ever in life!


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