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5 Reasons Why You Should Pet Your Cat More

If you are a touchy cat owner, you will keep nodding your head with these 5 reasons why you should pet your ball of fluff!

Cats know how soft they are and they don’t mind showing off to the world. Whether they are shorthaired or longhaired or even ‘bald’ (Sphynxies), we eventually grant them with a bunch of pet and scratches. Felines are not only cute but they are masters of healing humans. That is why cats outnumber dogs in this century. I am not saying dogs can’t be a part of a human’s healing journey but admit that, cat’s love is more discreet than a dog’s. Once you can get a cat’s appeal, you are luckily chosen! So when it comes to petting, not only are both we and the cats joyful but also the bond becomes more close-knit. So what are those reasons that we should pet the cats regularly? Let’s scroll down and read!

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#1 Communicate love

If you are a newbie and don’t know the signs that a cat truly loves you yet, you can read it here. Cats are creatures of deep affection, they want to be loved and cherished every time. Saying “I love you” to the cats might work because they are beyond clever. But like humans, they do not believe it until you put it into action. Words and actions should be aligned with. So, petting a cat’s chin or head is an intimate way of communication between the human-cat relationship. Be alert to the body parts that felines want to be petted. Tummy scratches are quite selective for some cats because they think it is too vulnerable.

So what do we have in return? A lot of purrings and headbutts!

#2 Reduce stress

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We cannot deny how relieved it is when petting a cat. They are truly the best therapeutic animals that so many people have had testimonial stories. Lots of studies have shown that our lovable kitties can help humans relinquish stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal tendencies. Moreover, cats enhance the social ability of those people who have autism, self-awareness, self-esteem, and confidence. When we are petting them, the risk of high blood pressure will no longer happen, that is why we feel calm and content.

#3 Detect fleas and ticks

These tiny rodents are out of control! They multiply so fast that the cat’s grooming sessions can’t handle it. Constant licking because of fleas may cause noticeable patches of hair loss, tiny crusts, and irritated skin. Fleas can also make the cat’s skin allergic and can transmit other parasites, such as tapeworms, to your cat. So when you are running your finger through their fur to pet them, chances are, you can help the cat avoid so many diseases that come from ticks and fleas. Nobody likes to see a cat with matted fur, right?

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#4 Detect new cuts or bumps

Cats are territorial species, they will fight for their lives with other kitties to claim their own area. Little do we know, they usually fight silently and secretly. Maybe they will climb on the roof and have a battle with the foes at midnight when you are asleep. As a result, cuts, scratches, bumps, wounds, or patches may appear under the fur that we could barely notice unless we pet them. Recognizing and rushing them to the vet for those unusual changes can help the cats have better welfare. That’s is an act of caring from their human parents, too!

#5 Detect tenderness

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Cats can feel the pain as well. However, along with that, they are experts at hiding those pain so that people may not notice or differentiate whether it signifies the pain or not. Next time, try petting the cats and notice their left leg, in which they can express the tenderness sensitively. It is a way to detect your cat’s torment. And once you can identify they are holding onto the pain, please take them to the vet and join them in the journey of healing. When you show kindness through the scratches and pets, cats will draw closer to you. Simply put, let’s pet them regularly, you will see the miracle of the cat’s love for you!


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