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5 Things To Be Aware Of When Letting Your Cat In Your Bed

It feels great when you have a pet as your partner going through with you every period in your life. Because of that familiar feeling, our pet becomes a member of a family and we want to share everything with them. Cats sleep with their adult owners 62% of the time, and youngsters sleep with 13% of the time. Cats are adorable, and it’s natural to want to keep them curled up next to you, but there are certain risks involved, and it may not be a good idea.

We have compiled a list of reasons why keeping your bed cat-free may be the best option.

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#1 Fleas or other parasites could be present

You're sharing your bed with your cat, which means you're also sharing it with whatever parasites it may have. Fleas, for example. A single flea can survive on your cat for over two months, and they can be tough to get rid of if you don't use flea prevention on a regular basis.

#2 They might bring litter from the litter box into your bed

Even the cleanest of cats will have litter box detritus on their paws because litter boxes aren't the cleanest of places. That dirt could find up in your bed, posing health hazards.

#3 It’s possible that you’ll be scratched or bitten

While we're moving under the covers, a lot of cats may scratch or bite our feet. If you wake them up when they are resting or napping in your bed, they may become irritated and lash out. Particularly if your cat is easily frightened.

#4 They have the potential to destroy your bedding

Even though scratching is a common cat behavior, it's not pleasant to return home and find your comfy sheets and blankets destroyed. To avoid this, keep your bed clear of cats and get your cat a nice cat bed instead.

#5 They won’t want to leave once they start sleeping there

If your cat has become accustomed to sleeping in your bed and is suddenly ejected, they may surprise you with some less-than-ideal behavior. For instance, breaking items, producing a shambles, or ripping things apart, such as chairs or curtains. When you take away a cat's territory suddenly, they usually react badly.

Do you and your cat share a bed? Please let us know your experience at the comment section below.


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