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6 Reasons Why Cats Like To Pee On Beds And How To Stop It

Are you sick of begging your cat not to urinate on the bed but it doesn’t work? You have spent a lot of money to invest in a nice and colorful litter box but your kitty still finds the bed, and that is unexplainable, isn’t it? You go on vacation for a month, when you come back, the first thing first you have to do is to remove the bedsheet because they have been releasing their urine right? All those problems are not actually coming from the cats who are labeled as “revengeful” or “naughty” but from the litter box, the position of the litter box, physical and mental problems. We have to know the root of the cause so we can find a way to get rid of it. Here you go the reasons why your cats like to pee on bed and how to prevent it.

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#1 The box itself

Problem: Humans have pet peeves about where they are gonna do the business, so do the cats. They might not like the litter box that you have just bought, they find the design of the box is not cool (Cats are picky, I know right?), they might consider the box has some difficulties to access, or maybe because of the size of the box. All those things you need to pay close attention to when they approach the liter box. If your cat is being moody or they tend to avoid the litter box, there must be one of the reasons above that they don’t like.

Solution: If you are a cat owner, you should look at the perspective of the cat. Don’t put your preference first since that is where they release the waste. Understanding what they like from a litter box might take time and your income. But that’s totally worth it if you don’t want to change the bedsheet everyday. Try putting two different litter boxes and see which will make them more comfy. The odors of the litter sand, The shape, the design, the height, and the width should be changed if the cat doesn’t like it.

#2 The location

Problem: Cats need to eliminate the urine without being bothered. They do not like the litter box that is far from where they usually spend time napping or playing. Food bowls and litter boxes don’t mix, they don’t like to smell the stinky clumps that they have just released. And don’t ever think about putting two or more boxes together in one place. If you place the litter box too private or hidden, it may lead the cats to the thinking that you are trying to attack them. The noises from the washer or dryer could scare them away. Be careful with their peace and pace, placing the box near kids will make the cat feel uncomfortable when they urinate.

Solution: Provide your cat with two litter boxes instead of one. If you have two cats or more, multiply the boxes by two. If you are living in the big house, alternate to place the boxes to see where the cat likes to come by. If you are living in a small one, avoid placing the box near the appliance. Place somewhere that a cat can see you because they feel safe with your presence.

#3 The mess

Problem: Who doesn’t like cleanliness? Cats are really concerned about the surroundings and if their private area is dirty they will never put their precious paws into it. And, naturally, if somewhere is not clean enough for them to release, they will choose a cleaner and better place, which is your bed.

Solution: As easy as it sounds, don’t be lazy! Scoop and clean the litter boxes daily, you will see the difference when you are consistent. Your diligence will help your bed!

#4 Sudden household changes

Problem: Felines are extremely sensitive to what happens around their life. They have the trigger when you bring another pet, a newborn baby, a new decoration of the living room, and so on. Their nerve system is highly alert to the smallest changes and they start to act out: frightened, fearful, skittish, angry and grumble. Only the bed is a place that your cat can trust because there is a smell of their beloved owner. As the result, they ignore the litter box where the chaos occurs and pee on the bed.

Solution: Figure out the reasons that make their behaviors turn upside down, whether it’s new furniture or a new member of the family, offer them a positive method and training by showing them the object(s) and comforting them that does no harm to them.

#5 Owner’s absence

Problem: As mentioned above, vacation and long hours at work are the causes of weighing the cat down. Especially, when your cat is getting too attached to you, they feel devastating by your absence. Once the cat is stressed out, they need to calm themselves by finding and mixing the scent of you and your cat. The bed is where they feel safest to soothe their nerves and to show that how much they miss you. Peeing on the bed doesn’t mean they present anger or bitterness.

Solution: Scoop them up for the travel with you if you are on the vacation. Make sure they are trained walking on the leash so that both you and the cat will feel safe. Thus, provide a home playground for your kitty: cat tower, wand toys, puzzle feeders, and lots of cardboard boxes. When they feel like being busy and happy in the enriched environment, they won’t step into the bed to pee anymore.

#6 Social conflict

Problem: Conflict can happen between a person and a cat, it just doesn’t always happen but still. When the conflict arises, your cat may feel anxious and bothered, so they find the ‘solution’ by mixing the scent of the person who made them stressed and theirs. In this case, urinating is the best way for them. 

Solution: Let the person who is new or made them feel bad to be the one feed your cat everyday. At first, it might awkward and fearful for them to the max, but with our gracious and compassionate behaviors, everything is gonna be okay. Show them that the specific person is not harmful, play with them more, and you will see the result in no time. No bedsheet is ruined in a month!

If any of those doesn’t work with your cat who is still holding the urine, it’s time to rush them to the nearest vet. Kidney problems can be one of the crucial factors that may cause the cat to have difficulty with peeing. 


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