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6 Reasons Why Declawing Your Cat Is A Selfish And Brutal Idea

Sometimes, what you need to do in life is to put yourself in someone’s shoes. Having a body part cut off is quite threatening, it can even give you post-traumatic stress disorder. So whatever is coming to your mind right now can be applied to cats. Imagine one day your knuckles are missing for no reason, that is exactly what declawed kitties have to suffer from.

However, there has been still a lot of people who think that declawing is one of the best ways for cats to stop destroying objects in the house. Undergoing such a procedure is morally wrong and here are 6 reasons why we shouldn’t encourage this cruel act for the little fragile souls.

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#1 It’s basically the removal of the cat’s fingers


Anatomically, a cat’s claw is the part of the last bone attached to their toe beans. It means when it comes to declawing, your cat’s bone is completely removed. People mistakenly think their claws are like human nails. In fact, when we start to sit back and do some researches, it’s far more than just a nail. In the illustration below, we can see the claw is naturally associated with the bone. Technically, when a part of the body is cut off, the ligaments and tendons are messed up too. Sooner or later, other organs can be affected severely.

#2 It leaves the cat in pain


Declawing is hurtful, but the effects after having the claws removed are worse than what you might think. Bleeding, radial nerve damage, and other complications associated with surgery like a risk of infection or abscesses are what a cat has to face. Some vet clinics don’t acknowledge the fact that 20% to 50% of declawed cats will experience some kind of complications after the surgery, so whenever a cat owner wants to declaw their beloved cat, the staff doesn’t hesitate to put it into action. When the claws are missing, balance and muscle strength in a cat will be desperately decreased.

#3 It causes serious behavioral issues


Can a cat suffer from PTSD? Absolutely yes. When one of the natural activities is not accomplished, specifically, scratching, they tend to be more stressful and aggressive. Cats use their claws to mark the territory and stretch the muscles. When you get rid of the cat’s desire, you can tell how fearful and detached they are. For example, when you are away from home for too long, the connection between you and your cat is going down, they will perform ‘revengeful’ behaviors. In this case, declawed cats might think you are the one who harms them, so they start to be in a defensive mode. Biting is the most obvious behavior you can notice when they are in depression.

#4 It makes the cat’s muscles weaker


As mentioned before, the cat’s claws are attached to the bone. The muscles and joints also participate in functioning how a cat moves as well as its posture. Cutting off the claws means depriving the mobility of the cats. When the declawing procedure is conducted, all the muscles of the shoulders, back, and legs are triggered. Furthermore, declawing lessens muscle strength, which can cause muscle atrophy, and nobody wants that for their cats.

#5 It worsens the cat’s sense of balance


Cats are the creatures of jumping, climbing, and hunting. They tend to observe their prey (or predators) from above. When the perfect time comes in, they will hit the ground with their righting reflex to catch the rodents. The right reflex is beneficial for their balance, and when their claws get removed, the changes in how they balance will happen. The claws, in fact, are the part to control and stabilize a cat’s balance. So then when a cat loses the sense of positioning, it increases the risk of injury during jumps or falls and brings the cat additional discomfort.

#6 It turns the cat into a defenseless creature


How devastating it is when we have to witness from a playful cat to a defenseless one! Felines are supposed to optimize their natural habits so they can survive. When you see your cat keeps scratching stuff in your house and you get annoyed, please embrace who they are and get a scratch post instead of declawing. Declawed cats can’t protect themselves from the dangers, turns out, they will become more vulnerable and helpless. Be a good owner by acknowledging everything about cats so no one will get hurt!


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