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7 Ways To Make Your Indoor Cat Happy

Being an owner of any animals is not easy, which means you need to be more responsible for them. If you have a cat and you are confused what to do with him/her, we believe that you find a right article. At Gidypet, we want to share with you some useful tips and helpful information that you may need in the future. Having a cat is like raising a child, if you know their character and give them a comfortable environment, your feline will be happier than ever.

Please scroll down to know 7 ways to make your indoor cat happy and share this to your friends or family if you know someone is dealing with the same problem.

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#1 Vertical space

Cats enjoy having their own space, thus adding vertical space will increase their realm, making your cat happier and more dominant. Cat trees, cat shelves, or just putting space atop tall furniture like as book shelves or closets can all be used. The greater the height (or the number of things to climb), the better. This offers cats a sense of safety, which is especially important if there are other pets or children in the house.

#2 Great view

A kitten, like some of us, requires a window to relax and observe the outside world. Consider it a cat's television.

#3 Play with them

As a cat owner, you've probably seen your cat get all pumped up and strut around the house, right?

They need to play to satisfy their primitive needs, release their tensions, and get some exercise. As a result, spend time playing with your cat to develop your bond and keep your cat healthy and happy.

#4 Keep it clean

Nobody hates a messy or filthy environment, so make sure their litter box is clean on a daily basis! They may be “encouraged” to “set up traps” around the house if the litterbox is messy.

#5 Take them outside sometimes

Because cats are curious and the outside world is full with possible dangers, we believe that your cat should be kept inside (and monitored). However, if you are confident that you can safely take kitten outside, you should do so.

If you don't want your cat to go outside, you can create a natural environment for him. Planting trees and preparing cat grass are simple tasks.

#6 Play games

Leave some toys for your cat to play with; this will deter them from stealing your belongings in search of toys. Additionally, cats enjoy having to work for their food, so consider purchasing a food puzzle. You may even use food as a motivator for your cat to learn new tricks.

#7 Lotsa unconditional love

Last but not least, remember to show your cat affection. After all, it's one of the most effective ways to make children happy. Let's take a moment to recognize the furry friend who is always by your side. Perhaps it's because he lives with you, but he adores you!


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